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POLYEON PRE is a powerful bactericide and fungicide, strong against bacteria and mould growth. It can be used in all stages of leather processing from soaking to finishing. POLYEON PRE is strong against microbes causing red spots. It is non toxic and harmless to human beings. POLYEON PRE is completely bio - degradable and has no adverse effect on ETP. POLYEON PRE is easy to handle and is non-foaming.

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Polcide BMX

Polcide BMX is used in pickling, chrome tanning and retanning.

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Polcide FMX

Polcide FMX is used in various stages from raw to retanning.


Venpreserve is a bactericide used during soaking operations of leather processing for short term preservation of fresh hides and skins.

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RATNACIDE B-40 is used as fresh hide preservation. Hide should be washed to remove dirt, dung & blood prior to application of RATNACIDE B-40. Maximum preservation of 7 days is possible using RATNACIDE B-40. It is compatible with all soaking and unhairing agents. It is rapidly absorbed by the hide surface. It has low order and low toxicity.

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Polcide BMX - T

Polcide BMX - T is used in various stages from raw to retanning.

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