Pretreatment Chemicals applied onto textile fabrics removes impurities



Quest improves stabilization of the peroxide by virtue of its dispersing and anticatalytical effects. This is demonstrated by the better degree of whiteness and the better absorptivity of the treated textile material. The use of Quest in the alkaline boil-off promotes the removal of impurities contained in the cotton.

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OSA-3X is best suited for the most efficient wetting processes of grey cotton, viscose fibre, yarn, fabric either in the cold or at temperatures above 60˚ C. It is mainly used where high degree of absorbency is required on cotton or viscose textile materials. It is highly suitable for wet processing of hosiery fabrics to improve their water absorbency. It is also used for wetting grey yarn batch process to make it ready for dyeing by imparting high degree of absorbency and for processing towelling material to improves its water absorbency.

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Wash X

Wash X is a powerful scouring and stain removing agent for Cotton and Polyester/Cotton blends.

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Benzene is an organic compound that is a colorless or light-yellow liquid that has a relatively high melting point. The word benzene derives historically from gum benzoin, sometimes called benjamin. It is highly flammable, has a sweet odor and quickly evaporates into air. Its vapor is heavier than air, which makes it sink into low-lying areas. Benzene dissolves only slightly in water and floats on top of it.Benzene is formed from both natural and man-made processes. Natural sources include volcanoes and forest fires. Benzene is also a natural constituent of crude oil and gasoline. Its most widely-produced derivatives include styrene, which is used to make polymers and plastics, phenol for resins and adhesives and cyclohexane, which is used to manufacture Nylon. About 80% of benzene is consumed in the production of three chemicals, ethylbenzene, cumene, and cyclohexane. Its most widely produced derivative is ethylbenzene, precursor to styrene, which is used to make polymers and plastics.


EcoSoft is well suited for Biopolishing of cotton and cotton blends trousers, Shirts and other garments made of cellulosic materials. Ecosoft also works best on denims as a bio fading enzyme if used in lower proportions like 0.3-0.7% OWG.

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IWA DLA is a newly developed level dyeing agent for polyester fabrics rapid dyeing, also a one bath process level dyeing agent for polyester/cotton mix fabrics. It has been concerned about high content of Glauber’s Salt, so the dispersing ability is not affected by the presence of Glauber’s salt. It has excellent dye solubilisation affinity, it is useful to prevent tarring of dye stuff on high temp. and high pressure dyeing process. It also has proper retarding affinity and has excellent migration affinity.

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Wash FC

Wash FC is a versatile stain removing and scouring agent for combined desizing and scouring process.

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Ewet RPN

Ewet RPN is a scouring & wetting agent.

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IWA LUBE is a newly developed lubricant, having excellent anti creasing, dispersing and leveling properties when used in scouring and desizing of polyester, cotton viscose rayon. When used in scouring, desizing and dyeing of viscose rayon, tencel, cotton, T/C, wool in low bath ratio M/C such as rapid, vertical, M/C, it gives very high quality results due to improvement of leveling effect becuase of proper circulation in M/C. It is an excellent product which prevents the creases and fold marks when used during, scouring and desizing of polyester in rotary washer.

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Wash PSR

Wash PSR is an Unique scouring agent for one bath scouring and dyeing of Polyester.

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