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Acacia gum

We are manufacturer supplier of arabic gum in various forms like
Mechanical Powder
Spray Dried Powder
Our available grades are suitable to be used in industries right from Food and Beverages, Cosmetics and Pharma, Confectionery, Non-Food industries.
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Fromase 750 XLG

Fromase 750 XLG is a heat-sensitive milk clotting enzyme cultured from a selected strain of the Rhizomucor miehei organism. Pasteurization will effectively destroy any residual activity in whey.

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Maxiren FPC

Maxiren FPC is a superior milk coagulant, which is a fermentation-derived product made using a selected strain of the dairy yeast kluyveromyces lactis. It provides maximum milk clotting activity. Strong curd formulation allows earlier cutting, when used in amounts equal to calf rennet. It is pure chymosin identical to the chymosin enzyme present in calf rennet and has proven extremely cost-effective.

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Maxiren XDS

Maxiren XDS is latest innovation in cheese coagulants; offering extended textural shelf life in cheese while maintaining lower proteolysis. Especially suited for mozzarella, cheddar and string cheese this coagulant, gives cheese producers more efficiency and flexibility in the production processes and means they are no longer up against the clock at every stage. As the texture of the cheese is retained, shredding, dicing and slicing can take place effortlessly and efficiently at any point in the shelf life.

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Piccantase is a range of lipases which is derived from both animal and fermentation, used for unique taste development in white cheese like feta or hard cheese like parmesan.

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Suparen 600

Suparen 600 is a very heat-sensitive milk clotting enzyme often used in Swiss or Italian cheese making processes. It is cultured from a selected strain of the Endothia parasitica fungus.

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hydrochloric acid Industrial Grade 33-35%

1.  Appearance                                             Water white
2.  Hydrochloric Acid % By Mass                  33‐ 35% (33 % Minimum Guaranteed)
3. Specific Gravity                                          1.155 to 1.171
4. Iron ( As Fe)                                                0.5 ppm Max
5. Sulphite                                                      15 ppm Max
6. Free Chlorine, ppm                                     20.00 Max
7. Lead                                                            Nil
8. Mercury (as Hg); ppm                                 Nil
9. Residue on Ignition                                     50 ppm Max
10. Fluoride as F                                            10 ppm Max
11. Dissolved Chlorine                                   20 ppm Max
12. Arsenic                                                     Nil
13. Cadmium                                                  Nil
14. Calcium                                                     Nil
15. Copper                                                      Nil
16. Magnesium                                               Nil
17. Sodium                                                      Nil
Packing & Supply:          250/275 kg HDPE drums UN/IMDG approved.
                                        1150 Kg IBC tank UN/IMDG approved.
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sodium hydroxide (Casutic Lye) Industrial Grade 48%

Buy Sodium Hydroxide online which is an alkaline corrosive base chemical material. It can react violently with strong acids and with water. Other common names for sodium hydroxide are caustic soda or lye. Many everyday products, such as paper, aluminium, commercial drain, oven cleaners, soap and detergents are comprised of our sodium hydroxide. Sodium Hydroxide is offered by Shreeji Exim Corporation is supplied at the best quality and is available at the best price.








Clear Colorless Liquid


Assay as NaOH

% w/w

48%(+/-) Min


Sodium Chloride (as Cl)

% w/w

0.015 Max


Iron as Fe


10.0 Max


Sodium Carbonate

% w/w

0.20 Max


Specific Gravity at 20°C


1.51 to 1.54


Sodium Hydroxide

 (On dry basis)

% w/w

99.50 Min