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Aluminium Sulfate

With the assistance of skilled and experienced professionals, we are offering a broad variety of Aluminum Sulphate. Seabert Chemicals Pvt Ltd offered range is manufactured under hygienical conditions, this chemical matter is also further checked by our team for ensuring its condition, composition and powerfulness. Furthermore, consumer can avail this product in various message alternative at nominal prices.


PAPERAUX K-8500 is acrylic polymeric preparation. It is flocculating agents for paper fibers, cartons, crafts and map litho.

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PAPERAUX K-8563 is an imdizoline preparation. It is positively charged, Neutralizes negative charge of colloidal fillers. PAPERAUX K-8563 is flocculating agents for high end paper, art paper and specialty Paper mild cationic.

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PAPERAUX K-8572 is positively charged, Neutralizes negative charge of colloidal fillers. It is flocculating agents for high end paper, art paper and specialty paper mild cationic.

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aluminium sulfate

Aluminium sulfate is an industrial chemical used as a flocculating agent in the purification of drinking water and waste water treatment plants, and also in paper manufacturing. It is used as a mordant in dyeing and printing textiles. Aluminium sulfate is the active ingredient of some antiperspirants. It is usually found in baking powder, where there is controversy over its use due to concern regarding the safety of adding aluminium to the diet. In construction industry it is used as waterproofing agent and accelerator in concrete. Another use is a foaming agent in fire fighting foam. It is also used in styptic pencils, and pain relief from stings and bites. It can also be very effective as a molluscicide, killing spanish slugs.

Cationic Starch Technical 98%

Coating starch pls


1)material: corn starch
2)usage: for paper makig, make pigment granular bonded to each other and adhere to paper

coating sizing starch for paper making

Coating sizing starch is one of oxidized starch which is made of natural corn starch reactedwith oxide by acid, alkali or neutral chemicals.


Whiteness is better than natural corn starch, high stability of paste, decreased retrogradation,

increased solubility, low gelatinization temperature, good viscosity, better theca making

and high bonding strength.


1. Coating sizing agent can make pigment granular bonded to each other and adhere to paper.

2. With good water retention, prevent dehydrate during making paint.

3. Improve the fluidity when coating process

4. The starch can dissolve in synthetic latex, modify the performance of latex.

5. Improve the printability of paper, prevent powder off, fiber off, broken end and filling in. and also modify ink absorptivity, smoothness, glossy and whiteness.

Oxidized starch Technical 98%

Oxidized starch For Papermaking

oxidized starch from natural corn starch by oxidation technology and the latest, afterwashing and dehydration drying fine screening - packaging process. Mainly used in paper surface sizing of paper, board.


1 Character

1 The paste viscosity, good fluidity, strong adhesion, high stability. Do not use a long timecaused by fluctuation of viscosity is too large or the system pressure increases.

1 the finished film, film flexibility, abrasion resistance, excellent transparency.

1 The product has high whiteness, impurity content is very bottom, hydrophilic particlesincreases, lower gelatinization temperature, energy saving.

1 Product viscosity in user requirements within the scope of the special processing; other indicators can be processed according to user requirements.

1 At the same time, the oxidized starch is used in the textile, food industry.


1 How to use.a.     under the condition of stirring, the product is added in the cold water, transferred into the 10% suspension emulsion concentration, heating to 90 deg. C, heat 15-20 minutes to fully gelatinization, add water to dilute the standby.

1 Mixed in with other sizing agent, should be added in the process of dilution of gelatinization.

1 In use, the reflux liquid to be filtered, reflux tank should be kept clean, paste temperatureto maintain stability.

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1. the modified starch for paper industrial is used as surface adhesive, can improve paper

printing and writing performance.

2. the modified starch for paper industrial used as coating sizing agent in paper making.

3. the modified starch for paper industrial is as wet end additive, can improve the wet

strength of paper.

4. the modified starch for paper industrial additive in laminated paper, cardboard and

corrugated paper. Oxidized starch is with high bonding strength, better fluidity, no

corrosion, no pollution and low consumption.

polyacrylamide Technical 100%




Off white , granular powder

Degree of charge, (Mol %)


Relative Molecular Weight


Bulk Density, kg/m3


PH of 0.5% solution @ 25?


Viscosity , cps








Insoluble, % v/v


Residual Acrylamide, %


Standard Viscosity, cp



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