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Dezyme is a de inking enzyme for waste paper treatment and for recycling of waste paper.

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FineZyme is an enzyme for bio refining of Pulp, for all types of furnish, soft / hard wood, agro waste etc.

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BleachZyme is an enzyme formulation used for bio bleaching of pulp.

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PAPYRASE IL is a combination of specially developed Hemicellulases Enzymes that would modify cellulosic fibers and dislodge Ink and dirt from waste paper. PAPYRASE IL is a ready to use enzyme liquid, which can be used with or without dilution in the De-Inking process between 6.0 to 8.0 pH and 25ºC to 70°C Temperatures. PAPYRASE IL can is used to replace an Alkaline De-inking process, replacing Caustic Soda and most other De-inking chemicals. PAPYRASE IL can be used in both Pulping and Floatation stages depending on process.


PAPYRASE RF is a Fiber modifying Carbohydrase Enzyme produced by controlled fermentation of Fungi, specially designed to enhance fibrillation and achieve drainage improvement in paper making process, by selective hydrolysis of Xylan linkages on fiber surface and amorphous regions in fines. PAPYRASE RF improve inter-fiber bonding by enhancing fibrillation, reduce refining energy requirement drastically.


PAPYRASE BBL is a purified Bacterial Alkaline Xylanase Enzyme produced by controlled fermentation of Bacillus species with a low Cellulase enzyme component. It would hydrolyze Xylan Polymer deposited on surface of wood fiber during Kraft process and can operate between 6 to 9 pH and 50 to 80 deg C temperatures, suitable for processing Kraft pulp.


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