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Acetylserine is a component of dietary proteins and a minor constituent of foods as a free amino acid.

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Adenosine 5′-Diphosphate Sodium Salt

Adenosine 5'-Diphosphate Sodium Salt can be used as the intermedium in pharmaceutical and chemical industry, and also as a biochemical reagent.

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Adenosine Cyclic 3',5'-Monophosphate

Adenosine Cyclic 3',5'-Monophosphate is a second messenger important in many biological processes.It is derived from adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and used for intracellular signal transduction in many different organisms, conveying the cAMP-dependent pathway.It is synthesised from ATP by adenylyl cyclase located on the inner side of the plasma membrane.It is involved in the activation of protein kinases and regulates the effects of adrenaline and glucagon. It also regulates the passage of Ca2+ through ion channels,positive regulation of the lac operon.

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Arsenic Metal Industrial Grade 99.999%

High purity metal arsenic is bright silvery gray solid lump, piece or ingot, which is hard and brittle. It is a kind of minor metal. As metal is available in powder, wafer, sheet, granule and sputtering target. Arsenic trioxide is the raw material.

High Purity Metal Arsenic

Purity: 99.999%, 99.9999%, 99.99999%

CAS No.:7440-38-2 EINECS No.:231-148-6 Molecular Formula:As Molecular Weight:74.922
Density:5.73 Melting Point:817℃ Boiling Point:613℃ UN1558 6.1/PG 2


High purity metal arsenic is mainly for semiconductor material, wafer.

Arsenic Trioxide Industrial Grade 99.99%

Arsenic trioxide is odorless white powder, which is most marketable arsenic compound and main start raw material for arsenic chemicals. It is faintly soluble in water and soluble in acid and alkali. The highest purity is 99.999%.

Arsenic Trioxide

CAS No.:1327-53-3 EINECS No.:215-481-4 Molecular Formula:As2O3 Molecular Weight:197.84
Melting Point:313℃ Boiling Point:465℃ Density:4.2 UN 1561


Arsenia is mainly for refining of arsenic metal, which is also raw material for melting arsenic alloys and produce semiconductors. It uses as clarifying agent and decolorising agent in glass industry, which improve transparency of glass products.

In farming, arsenic(III) oxide apply as sanitizer and rust remover for insect disease prevention, which is also raw material for insecticidal pesticide containing arsenic.

Arsenic oxide use to produce coating and dyestuff. It is also kind of chemical reagent as standard reagent, reducing agent and absorbent of chlorine.

As2O3 get applications in desulfuration, anticorrosion of wood, antiscale of boiler, ceramic,  enamel, lether preservative and medicine.

Bismuth Selenide Industrial Grade 99.9%

Bismuth selenide is gray rhombohedral crystal powder, which is minor metal selenide . Bi2Se3 is a semiconductor and thermoelectric material. Bismuth(III) selenide is insoluble in water and organic solvents, however soluble in strong acids. Selenium and bismuth or bismuth oxide and hydrogen selenide are the raw material. Bismuth triselenide crystal use Bridgman Method, direct method and zone melting method to grow.

Bismuth Selenide

CAS NO.:12068-69-8 EC No.:235-104-7 Molecular Formula:Bi2Se3 Molecular Weight:654.8
Density:6.82 Melting Point:710℃


Cadmium Zinc Telluride LAB GRADE 99.99%

cadmium zinc telluride rod powder semiconductor material

photoelectric material


Cerium Fluoride Industrial Grade 99.99%

Cerium fluoride is white powder or 3-6mm melt particle of hexagonal crystal system, which is rare earth metal fluoride. It absorb moisture and is hard to dissolve in water, which hydrolyze slowly. Cerium dioxide is the raw material.

Cerium Fluoride

Purity: Ce/RE 99.99% 4N

CAS No.:7758-88-5 EINECS No.:231-841-3 Molecular Formula:CeF3 Molecular Weight:197.12
Density:6.517 Melting Point:1437℃ Boiling Point:2280℃  


Cerium(III) fluoride uses as high pure chemical reagent and evaporation coating material.