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Polyaspartic Sodium Salt in Water Industrial Grade 40%

Sodium Polyaspartate/BAYPURE DS 100/40% As inhibitor, anti scaling agent for cooling water system, water dessalination process, waste water treatment, corrosion inhibitor, super swelling material (e.g. diaper), feminine hygiene product, food packaging, biodegradable detergent, softening of water etc.


CATIMOLE is used to decolourise effluents containing anionic, direct or reactive dyes. It is a liquid product, therefore easy to handle and is suitable for use in dyehouses and in municipal biological sewage treatment plants. It is Compatible with the usual inorganic and organic precipitants.It consists of nontoxic cationic polymers which replace inorganic coagulants.It reduces sludge volume and desludge frequency,corrosion in alum addition pipeline and pump.It is a cationic colour precipitant which removes colloidal/dissolved colour from sugarcane juice prior to the separation of mud. It is used at a low dosages and added to the limed and sulphited juice emerging from the juice sulphitor.


SEDIFLOCK is used to decolourise effluents containing anionic, direct or reactive dyes. It is a liquid product, therefore easy to handle and is suitable for use in dye houses and in municipal biological sewage treatment plants. It is Compatible with the usual inorganic and organic precipitants. It consists of nontoxic cationic polymers which replace inorganic coagulants. It reduces sludge volume and desludge frequency, corrosion in alum addition pipeline and pump.It is added prior to the clarification of sugarcane juice and at dosages of 1-2 ppm.It also used as a decolorising agent for syrup clarification.


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Koagen 215

Koagen 215 is a liquid blend of polymerised aluminium salt used as coagulant in raw and wastewater treatment.

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Bacta Cult 99

Bacta Cult (Composting) consists of a wide variety naturally selected bacteria composition to make compost in shortest possible time.

Bacta Cult (Composting) helps to release bound and tied up nutrients required for normal plant development increasing the bio-availability of inorganic nutrients such as phosphates and trace elements required for plant growth. It also converts nitrogen into amino acids and proteins forms and releases vitamins and growth factors in the compost. Regular watering during Bacta Cult usage allows the microbial proliferation establishing a rich natural flora in the compost.

Benefits of BACTA-CULT-Compost:

 Compost is an inexpensive, natural process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into valuable food for your garden
 Composting is one way of getting an eco-housing clearance where you can avail 5% rebate on property tax
 Composting also helps the environment as it diverts wet waste from land ills where it would decompose anaerobically (without air), thus producing methane

Bacta Cult STP 99

BACTA CULT – STP containing the bacterial strains of bacteria which are feeding upon the organic waste like human excreta, kitchen waste from kitchen basins, bathing, cleaning of houses wash, etc.

Benefits of BACTA CULT – STP:

 Increases the efficiency of COD & BOD degradation.
 Reduction in commissioning time of STP.
 Rapid growth of MLSS with high MLVSS content.
 Suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria.
 Reduces overall operational cost.
 Reduces sludge generation.
 No structural changes required in existing plant
 Powdered form easy to store.
 Shock Load Stabilization.
 Complete odour control in the vicinity of the treatment plant

Bacta Cult FOG 99w

microbes which have the ability to degrade oil, grease, organic waste, eliminating odour and removing organic buildup from pipes, oil & grease traps and leach drains. Before first application of Bacta Cult FOG, the grease trap should be cleaned once. The dosage of Bacta Cult  FOG depends upon the grease trap condition and it may vary from 1 ppm to 10 ppm depending upon the present scenario.

Benefits of BACTA-CULT – FOG:

 It degrades grease and other organic waste Bacta build up, turning it into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O)
 The microorganisms activates as soon as they comes in contact with water. The biological approach is a longer-term solution
 Within 4 weeks of the first application, all of your drain lines will be coated with beneficial microbes, which will reduce future buildup of grease and organic matter
 Naturally, this product eliminates the need for expensive and potentially dangerous chemicals
 The cost of a regular monthly maintenance program is a small price to pay to help to protect your system and your environment.

Bacta Cult Dairy 99

Bacta-Cult Dairy is a combines selected, adapted microbial strains with improves waste degradation capabilities in dairy effluent.  Bacta-Cult - Dairy contains a combination of anaerobic and facultative organic compounds selected from nature for their abilities to break down a broad range of substances encountered in the dairy waste water. A dairy often generates odors and high BOD waste water. Dairy waste water is highly biodegradable and Bacta-Cult Dairy helps to increase the BOD removal efficiency of Biological systems.

Benefits of BACTA-CULT-Dairy:
 Reduces the High BOD & COD
 Helps to control the high TDS & TSS
 Control the High Volatile fatty acids
 It also helps to degrade the High lactose, which takes part in biodegradation process
 Helps to control the high Ammonical nitrogen
 Odour Removal from biological systems
 Helps to increase acetogenesis and methanogenesis process
 Helps to increase the efficiency of Biogas generation
 Low production of excess sludge

Bacta Cult Sugar 99

Sugar Industry is the one of the major food industry and it consume 1500 lit to 2000 lit water and generate 1000 lit waste water for per tonne of cane crushed, The effluent is mainly floor washing waste water and condensate water, leakage in valve and glands of the pipeline add sugarcane juice, syrup and molasses in the effluent. To treat this large quantity of wastewater and to meet present day stringent pollution control norms, there is high stress on Sugar industry to deliver highest quality work with low operating cost within the budgeted limitations

Benefits of BACTA CULT - Sugar

 Fast commissioning of ETP
 Don’t allow effluent turn into black
 Removes foul odour from effluent.

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