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Naftotherm M 82

Naftotherm M 82 is a polysulphide, two-component, solvent-free secondary sealent used for the manufacture of insulating glass. The features are it has low moisture vapour transmission rate and good gas retention, it has very good adhesion to glass, aluminium, galvanized and stainless steel and further it has excellent processing properties.

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Kommerling GD 116

Kommerling GD 116 is a 2-component, solvent-free, liquid polymer (LP) polysulfide sealant. It demonstrates high strength and elasticity, and is a lower odor polysulfide. It has excellent adhesion to clean surfaces such as glass, aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel. It is designed to be used as a secondary edge sealant for dual-seal insulating glass units and is widely used in the manufacture of high-end wood windows.

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Kommerling GD 823 N

Kommerling GD 823 N is a silicone rubber, one-component, solvent-free secondary sealant used for the manufacture of multipane insulating glass units with exposed edges. It provides very good adhesion to glass, aluminium, galvanised and stainless steel and also has high temperature resistance from -40°C to +140°C.

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