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Alpet D2

Alpet D2 is ready to use, no-rinse, highly evaporative, non-corrosive and fast acting. Ideal for water sensitive equipment, Alpet D2 sanitizes in 60 seconds and disinfects in 5 minutes. This one-of-a-kind product is powerful enough to kill Norovirus yet safe enough to use on food contact surfaces without a rinse.

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Alpet E3 PLUS

Alpet E3 PLUS is an atomized alcohol hand sanitizing formula engineered to meet the requirements of the food industries. It is a powerful yet gentle ethanol-based formula which has been tested specifically and proven effective against Salmonella Typhi and Staphylococcus Aureus. In all, Alpet E3 Plus has been tested and proven effective against 26 pathogens.

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CK LF ACID SANITIZER is a concentrated, non-foaming acid sanitizer for C.I.P., C.O.P. and non-circulation applications. It has reduced phosphates due to its unique blended acid formula. It provides effective germicidal action on a broad range of microorganisms including gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Its 1 ounce to 6 gallon use rate provides a low pH that insures rapid bacterial action while removing water scale and mineral build-up. Further it leaves equipment surfaces in an acidic range which lengthens life of stainless steel parts.

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CSS-12 is a versatile, concentrated, non-foaming liquid chlorinated sanitizer. It may be used in spray, soak or circulation sanitizing operations of equipment and related hard surfaces in most areas of meat, poultry and seafood operations. It may also be used for sanitizing shell eggs and is recommended for sanitizing stainless steel, red tile, ceramic tile, and plastic surfaces. It is a light yellow liquid, with a mild chlorine odor, and contains 12% sodium hypochlorite.

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DI-SAN DF is a liquid, mildly acidic, non-foaming iodophor. It is scientifically blended to give quick, positive wetting, yet rapid “drain-off.” It is equally effective in hot or cold, hard or soft water. It has potent sanitizing properties without the need of heat because of its high content of bacteriological active iodine. Further it is phosphate free.

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Hand Cleaner Waterless

Features of this products:- 1) used to clean your hands of any sort of stubborn dirt and grime without use of any water. 2) natural ingredients, moisturizers, surfactants 3) removes heavy duty soils easily 4) It is safe to use for skin 5)?It has a fresh and clean fragrance. 6) It is an environment friendly product.? 7) . It has long storage life without decreasing quality or viscosity.? 8)?It is a better substitute for petroleum or caustic based detergents. 9) This waterless hand cleaner is very effective for use if you are working in print shop, automotive workshop, oil fields, ship maintenance, garage or any industrial area where there is too much of grease and dirt involved. It helps remove the toughest grease, grime, ink, paints, oil, tar, carbon, adhesives or any such marks with ease. It is a milky white creamy gel containing natural ingredients, moisturisers, surfactants, and powerful dispersing agents. This is a batter substitute to petroleum products caustic based detergents which drain the body oil. ONLY 2 TO 5 grams SUFFICIENT to clean most greasy hand.


K-QUAT 4 is a clear, concentrated, quaternary sanitizer for sanitizing, disinfecting and deodorizing all types of hard surfaces. It contains a blend of four quaternary ammonium chlorides that provide broad spectrum kill. It is especially effective against gram positive and gram negative microbes and fungi and is virus and protein tolerant. This neutral disinfectant won’t effect wax levels on floors due to the neutral ph, and because it is clear and non-staining.

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K-SAN 125

K-SAN 125 is an economical and effective liquid sanitizer containing 12.5% hypochlorite solution. It is widely used for sanitizing applications in food processing, milk industry, farm premises and laundry facilities.

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Stericlean is a concentrated chlorine based sanitizer for food contact surfaces. This product is approved for use as a no-rinse sanitizer when used at the required dilution rate. It gives fast microbial reduction when used on clean food and beverage equipment surfaces. It can also be used for protein removal.

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