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Descum is an high efficiency scale inhibitors and solvent.Treatment of wells with Descum can be carried out through intermittent injection into annulus or via armored capillary injection systems which allow injecting of chemicals into any point of the tubing string.

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SCALE INHIBITOR (SI - 172) is a synergistic mixture of chelating agents used to effectively control the CaSO4 / SrSO4 scale formation in an oil field. It gives protection from mineral scale deposition even under elevated temperatures and pressure. It can be stored in closed containers away from direct sunlight at ambient temperature.

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glycolic acid Technical 70

Glycolic Acid 70% technical grade is a very useful product for manufacturing industries and electronics cleaners; oil and water tube descaler and well-flow enhancers, pH control products,  automotive oil additives and chemical intermediates.  Glycolic Acid 70% Technical Grade is a solution of 70% Glycolic Acid and 30% water.