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Disperse Red 9

Disperse Red 9 is of good heat resistance, light fastness and bright color. Disperse Red 9 is used in candles, plastics, smoke.

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Solvent Orange 60

Solvent Orange 60 is suitable for coloration of plastics, smoke, candles.

Solvent Yellow 14

Solvent Yellow 14 is used in coloring oils, waxes, greases, fats, mineral oils, lubricants, fuels, smoke colors, hydrocarbons derivatives, polishes, oily insecticides, and acrylic emulsions.

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Solvent violet 13

Solvent Violet 13 is used to dye hydrocarbon products like solvents and petrol, thermoplastics, synthetic resins, eg. polystyrenes, and synthetic fiber. It is also used in smoke, cosmetics, eg. in hair and skin care products. In pyrotechnics, it is used in some violet colored smokecompositions.

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UNISOL Liquid Dye

UNISOL Liquid Dye are designed to provide an outstandingly easy and economical way to color petroleum products. UNISOL dyes are strong and bright, easy to handle and are also available in several non-hazardous high flash solvent systems. UNISOL Liquid Dye is used for fuels, fuel additives,biodiesel,lubricating oils, aerobatic smokes, candles, solvent coatings, varnishes.

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C.I. solvent yellow 33

C.I. solvent yellow 33 is used in hydrocarbon solvents, acrylic resins, externally applied drugs, cosmetics and smoke

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