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Americos AC ARL 900

Americos AC ARL 900 is formaldehyde-free pre-treatment auxiliary to create affinity for pigments towards cellulosic substrates. It promotes complete exhaustion of pigment in exhaust dyeing of garment.Americos AC ARL 900 is recommended as pre-treatment / mordanting agent in dyeing cellulosic garment with pigment by exhaustion method.

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Americos Hi-Tech 2000

Americos Hi-Tech 2000 is a dark coloring resin which increases the darkening effect and the clearness of the black dyed materials of polyester or mixed spinning goods when treated with after finish process.Americos Hi-Tech 2000 is after finish process special resin finish agent for black dyed materials of polyester, etc. and it gives the depth and clearness of the product.

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Americos NKW Rought

Americos NKW Rought is a nonionic base deep coloring resin especially for disperse dyes.Americos NKW Rought has excellent deep coloring effect and also imparts great softness simultaneously. It is an economical product compared to other deep coloring agents. It does not create any problems when used in stenter padding and dryer.Americos NKW Rought is has excellent deep coloring effect to the ITY, BSY, Deep color yarns, and normal filament yarns.Americos NKW Rought is free from problems made by folds or wrinkles during the padding process.Americos NKW Rought is nonionic, and hence can be blended with other agents and does not have any side effects.

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Natofin HF

Natofin HF specially designed as self finish product for finishing of cotton, polyester, nylon, acrylic and its blends. It is based on different polymers along with plastisizers, giving full body with little soft handle.

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SIGMA SOFT 3507 is a special finishing agent to give bulk & fullness & softness.

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