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CH 2014

CH 2014 is a powerful acidic paint stripper for brush or spray application, especially for removal of the most difficult to remove coatings from brick, concrete, stone.

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CH 3003

CH 3003 is a non evaporative,acid-activated paint and primer remover for removal of polyurethane and epoxy paint systems.

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CH 4849

CH 4849 is a powerful, neutral type, non-phenolic paint stripper for application by brush or spray onto aircraft surfaces.

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CH 5007

CH 5007 is a viscous, light blue, non-volatile, ammonia-activated paint remover, designed for removal of polyurethane and other coatings from metal surfaces of aircraft.

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CH 511C

CH 511C is an alkaline, water based highly concentrated compound designed to effectively clean and degrease painted and unpainted aircraft exterior surfaces, when diluted with water or solvents.

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CH 8000

CH 8000 is a unique, water dilutable, micro-emulsion cleaner, based on an emulsifiable solvent and biodegradable surfactant system.

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CH 8930

CH 8930 0 is a thickened non-flammable, neutral phenolic paint stripper for brush or spray application.

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CH-9004 is a single pack, water based, non volatile environmentally friendly gel paint remover.

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CH-R48T T is an advanced airport runway cleaning compound.It is a compound designed for the removal of all rubber tyre residues from airport runways and airport movement areas constructed of concrete, bituminous concrete, asphalt and asphalt aggregate.

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Assay : Min.49%

Appearance : Yellow crystalline powder