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ADDAPT Foamstop SIN 107

ADDAPT Foamstop SIN 107 is an organic emulsion based defoamer especially formulated for the production of Gelatine, Potato (Starch, French Fries) as well as for Sugar processing. It can be used in all production steps of the sugar manufacturing, i.e. it can be used in the washing process (water ways), the diffusion (sugar house) as well as in the molasses.

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ADDAPT Foamstop SIN 260

ADDAPT Foamstop SIN 260 is an organic defoamer especially formulated for processing of cane sugar, yeast and fermentation of molasses obtained from sugar cane. It is a 100% active product and shows excellent performance in the control of foams and improves the flow and reduces viscosity of the syrup. During the fermentation of molasses obtained from sugar cane it will keep the foam at an acceptable level without interfere the yield of alcohol; sometimes it even increases the amount of alcohol. It is very effective even at low concentrations and facilitates smoother pump operation, transport, and storage of juice and molasses.

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Aquaquest CWT-1230 is a Dithiocarbamate compound used for control of microbiological degradation of sucrose

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Aquaquest CWT-1250 is a Quaternary ammonium compound used as a biocide for control of microbiological degradation of sucrose

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Aquaquest HP-1050 is a low molecular weight polymer which improves flow ability of massecuites and hasten crystal growth

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Aquaquest- Color PPS is a blend of poly DMDAC and cationic polymers and is used as a colour coagulant.

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Aquaquest- Defoamer is a silicon based defoamer.

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Aquaquest- PE is a synthetic high molecular weight anionic polyelectrolyte used as a flocculating agent for mud setting.

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Aquaquest-VR is a polymer based viscosity reducer.

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