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Carbowet GA-100

Carbowet GA-100 surfactant is a proprietary combination of nonionic wetting and stabilizing surface active chemistries. It offers low foam wetting of substrates and pigments as well as providing compatibilization and stabilization benefits in coating and ink formulations and dispersions. The surfactant offers balanced performance for architectural paint formulations and excellent compatibility with associative thickeners.

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DIAPON is a low-irritant anionic surfactant developed to be particularly soft on the skin. DIAPON, which is based on a vegetable oil-derived fatty acid, has been proven to display significantly lower irritation levels in a number of different safety tests. And because it also produces favorable foaming across a wide pH range, it is widely used in shampoo, facial cleansing foam, hand soap, and body liquid soap.

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Dynol 960

Dynol 960 superwetting surfactant is an optimized siloxane-based surfactant providing excellent equilibrium and dynamic surface tension reduction in a wide range of aqueous formulations. Designed to provide superwetting on difficult-to-wet substrates, it offers superior substrate wetting with extremely low foam. The characteristics of Dynol 960 surfactant enable exceptional performance in waterborne plastic coatings and printing inks. It can also provide good flow and leveling under diverse application conditions.

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EO - PO Block Copolymers

Inert non toxic surfactants used in pharmaceutical manufacturing and as antifoams for paint formulations.

Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate

Lauryl alcohol Ethoxylates, Cetostearyl alcohol ethoxylates , Steryl alcohol and oleyl alcohol ethoxylates.

Medium HLB to high HLB surfactants with applications as scouring agents, foam stabilizers, emulsifiers, and dispersing agents.

Maleic anhydride

Maleic anhydride Cas No: 108-31-6 Content: 99%min Packing: 25KG/Bag

Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylates ( NP 9.5 / NP 4.5 )

We offer a wide range of Nonyl phenol ethoxylates in various moles and HLBs grades.

Phosphate Esters

Phosphated Alcohols, Phosphated alcohol ethoxylates, Phosphated phenol ethoxylate, pottasium salt.

Polyethylene Wax Emulsion

Polyethylene wax emulsions for paints and printing inks.

Polyisobutylene Succinic Anhydride ( PIBSA )

PIBSA, an intermediate product used to produce chlorine-free dispersants, is manufactured using highly reactive polybutene with a thermal process. PIBSA can be used in emulsifiers.