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miramistin Technical 99%

Product Name: Miramistin 

CAS Number: 126338-77-0 

Synonyms: miramistin;Miramystin;benzyl-dimethyl-[3-(tetradecanoylamino)propyl]azanium chloride; (S)-benzyl 2-(3-tert-butoxy-3-oxopropanoyl)pyrrolidine-1-carboxylate

Molecular Formula: C26H47ClN2

Molecular Weight: 439.12 g/mol

Appearance: White powder 

Assay: >=99%

Applications: Miramistin is the active component of the above-mentioned medicinal products.Miramistin is a medicinal drug that falls into the category of cationic antiseptics, surface-active substances (quaternary ammonium compounds) with an antifungal, anti-inflammatory and local adjuvant effect; effective against various pathogenic germs, including viruses, fungi, bacteria and animalculines.

Beta-Alaninate Industrial Grade 40%

Beta-Alaninate is an Excellent biodegradability, resistance to hard water, emulsifying, dispersing, wetting, foaming, antistatic property, and the high compatibility with all other types of surfactants, their applications in daily chemical industry, textile industry, food, pharmaceuticals, dyes and pigments are growing. Beta-Alaninate can be used as textile finishing auxiliaries, dyeing auxiliaries, dispersants and dry cleaning agents. Although its price is a bit high, because of some of the above advantages, the application in some cases is sufficient to compensate for the defects of high price.

Secondary Alkane Sulphonate Industrial Grade 95%

Secondary Alkane Sulphonate is a Raw materials for textile processing chemicals, leather auxiliaries, detergents and cleaning products, as anionic emulsifier for emulsions polymerisations and as antistatic agent for plastic materials, auxiliaries


DIAPON is a low-irritant anionic surfactant developed to be particularly soft on the skin. DIAPON, which is based on a vegetable oil-derived fatty acid, has been proven to display significantly lower irritation levels in a number of different safety tests. And because it also produces favorable foaming across a wide pH range, it is widely used in shampoo, facial cleansing foam, hand soap, and body liquid soap.

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Dynol 960

Dynol 960 superwetting surfactant is an optimized siloxane-based surfactant providing excellent equilibrium and dynamic surface tension reduction in a wide range of aqueous formulations. Designed to provide superwetting on difficult-to-wet substrates, it offers superior substrate wetting with extremely low foam. The characteristics of Dynol 960 surfactant enable exceptional performance in waterborne plastic coatings and printing inks. It can also provide good flow and leveling under diverse application conditions.

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Tomadry DAB

Tomadry DAB is a surfactant used in car wash cleaner formulations as a wax additive for improved shine and surface protection. This 100% active product helps optimize cleaner formulas for vehicle care.

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Tomadyne 100

Tomadyne 100 is a surfactant for water based degreaser and hard surface cleaner formulations. It is designed to be affordable and efficient while providing fast wetting and powerful emulsification.

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Carbowet GA-100

Carbowet GA-100 surfactant is a proprietary combination of nonionic wetting and stabilizing surface active chemistries. It offers low foam wetting of substrates and pigments as well as providing compatibilization and stabilization benefits in coating and ink formulations and dispersions. The surfactant offers balanced performance for architectural paint formulations and excellent compatibility with associative thickeners.

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Tomamine E-14-2

Tomamine E-14-2 is ethoxylated amine surfactant with popular use for acid thickening, microemulsification, textile processing aid and detergent booster. It has broad functionality for all purpose cleaners, laundry detergents, and degreasers for more hydrophobic soils.

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Tomamine Q-14-2

Tomamine Q-14-2 is a 75% active ether amine quaternary ammonia surfactant in isopropyl alcohol. This cationic surfactant is useful for corrosion inhibition, anti-static ingredients, cationic emulsification and detergent boosting. Use also in general purpose cleaners and degreasers.

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