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Sodium Nitrite

Sodium Nitrite is a water-soluble, hygroscopic white or slightly yellowish solid. The chemical formula of sodium nitrite is NaNO2 with molecular weight 68.9953 g/mol. The major sodium nitrite uses are as a food additive, precursor to pharmaceuticals, diazo dyes and pesticides.

Sodium Sulfate

Sodium Sulfate is the inorganic compound,Sodium sulfate is important in the manufacture of textiles, the glass industry provides another significant application for sodium sulfate. Our product Sodium sulfate also helps in "levelling", reducing negative charges on fibres so that dyes can penetrate evenly.


TRIOBAN PWD 26 is belongs to Silicone free defoamer and available in powder form. TRIOBAN PWD 26 comprises of 65% solid conent and having uses in construction and oil gas exploration, agrochemicals powders, cement paints, powder paints,Textiles, mortars, adhesives, gypsum etc.


TRIOBAN T M 85 Silicone Based (Liquid) Defoamer offers exceptional foam knockdown and durability, and greater compatibility in difficult surfactant systems.


TRIOSIL MR 30T is silicone based emulsion used in the manufacture of articles and works as finishing agent where only temporary suppleness is required.

Barium Sulfate

Barium Sulfate is known for its poor solubility in water. It is also insoluble in alcohols, and soluble in concentrated acids. Barium Sulphate reacts violently with aluminum powder. Barium sulfate has several medical and radioimaging uses due to its water insolubility and radio-opaque properties.

Calcium Acetate

Calcium Acetate is the calcium salt of acetic acid. In kidney disease, blood levels of phosphate may rise leading to bone problems. Calcium acetate binds phosphate in the diet to lower blood phosphate levels. Side effects of this treatment include upset stomach. It is used as a food additive, as a stabilizer, buffer and sequestrant, mainly in candy products. It also neutralizes fluoride in water.

Sodium Stearate

Sodium Stearate a major component of soap, a by-product of vegetable oil. It is formed by the saponification reaction from stearic acid. Sodium stearate has both hydrophilic and hydrophobic carboxylate with the long hydrocarbon chain as structural components. Commonly sodium stearate is used in paints, inks, deodorants, rubbers, soaps, personal care, and skin care products.


TRIOBAN PWD STN Silicone Based (Powder) Defoamer is composed of Activated PDMS with inert carrier base. TRIOBAN PWD STN is mainly recommended for powder based sizing agent in textiles.

Ferrous Sulphate

Ferrous sulfate / ferrous sulphate supplied by SulfozymeAgro India is the inorganic salt having formula FeSO4. The color of ferrous sulfate ranges from white and white-yellow blue-green. Upon heating of ferrous sulphate, ferrous sulfate losses original green color and crystals are converted into a brown colored anhydrous solid. Ferrous sulphate is commonly used in agriculture, coagulant, flocculant, water treatment, animal feed supplement and paint pigments.

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