Textile industry thickeners holds printing stuffs onto textile fabrics


BTEX 2501

BTEX 2501 is a Borated Monogalctomannon (Borated GUAR) developed thickener for printing of carpet and blankets. This product is compatible with most chemicals, auxiliaries and dyestuffs used in dying and printing of polyamide, polyacrylic, wool, carpets and blankets.

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DTEX 3010

DTEX 3010 is specially modified Monogalctomannon/ Depolymerized Guar developed for polyamides fabrics like wool, lycra and silk with acid and metal complex dyes. It can also be used with cationic dyes on acrylic fabric for carpet and blanket printing. It can also be used for printing on polyester and polyester blended fabrics with disperse dye stuffs followed by super-heated steam fixation (170 – 180 C).

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Resina 60

Resina 60 is a water based acrylic thickener which can be thickened with ammonia, and suitable for various textile applications, flocking and pigment printing etc.

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PROTHIK CMS is starch ether. It’s an anionic thickener with basic derivation of carboxy methylation. In general term, it is known as carboxy methyl starch. PROTHIK CMS is better in quality than regularly available starch ether in terms of viscosity, filterability and its printing results.

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PROTHIK CW8 is thickener for printings on polyester fabric with disperse dyes. It is cold water soluble tamarind base gum thickener. PROTHIK CW8 is principally carboxy methylation chemistry with add on specialty chemistry which outstands in market for its printing quality with no chok ups and better shades.

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Thickner AS

Thickner AS is used as a thickener in water base formulation in textile printing, water base acrylic thickener etc.

Acacia gum

We are manufacturer supplier of arabic gum in various forms like
Mechanical Powder
Spray Dried Powder
Our available grades are suitable to be used in industries right from Food and Beverages, Cosmetics and Pharma, Confectionery, Non-Food industries.
For more details please contact us.

Thickner 005

Thickner 005 is a new generation eco- friendly (Restricted Substances List compliant, viz. APEO free etc.) polymeric thickener for aqueous pigment printing.Thickner 005 latest version eliminates the blackish hue and dulling of the pigment prints.

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Carbopol EP-1

Carbopol EP-1 thickener is a high efficiency alkali swellable emulsion thickener for use in emulsion polymer compounds. It is used in textile coatings and adhesives, back thickeners for print pastes, and viscosity modifiers for pad baths.

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KAMICRYL 4310 it contains ammonium polyacrylate provides superior thickness & ensures uniform smooth texture.

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