Urinary tract Infection medications treats urinary tract infections, stops bacterial infections


4-Acetylbenzoic Acid

4-Acetylbenzoic Acid is used as pharmaceutical intermediates for medicine of urinary system or Glucono-Delta-Lactone.

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Acacia gum

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Altizide is an diuretic agent.

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Ammonium Mandelate

Ammonium Mandelate used as a urinary antiseptic.

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Cinoxacin was an older synthetic antimicrobial related to the quinolone class of antibiotics with activity similar to oxolinic acid and nalidixic acid. It was commonly used thirty years ago to treat urinary tract infections in adults. There are reports that cinoxacin had also been used to treat initial and recurrent urinary tract infections and bacterial prostatitis in dogs however this veterinary use was never approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

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Clopamide is a piperidine diuretic. It is categorised as a thiazide like drug and works in similar way as the thiazide diuretics do. It acts at the Proximal Convoluted tubule site of the nephron where it inhibits the sodium-chloride cotransporter. Clopamide selectively binds at the chloride binding site of the sodium chloride cotransporter in the PCT cells on the luminal side and thus intereferes with the reabsorption of NaCl and thus causing an equiosmolar excretion of water along with NaCl.

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Clorexolone is a low-ceiling sulfonamide diuretic.

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Darifenacin is a medication used to treat urinary incontinence, urgency and frequency. Darifenacin works by blocking the M3 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor, which is primarily responsible for bladder muscle contractions. It thereby decreases the urgency to urinate. It should not be used in people with urinary retention.

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Imidafenacin is a urinary antispasmodic of the anticholinergic class.It is a novel antimuscarinic agent for overactive bladder treatment.Imidafenacin is a drug that was discovered by Kyorin and co-developed by Ono and Kyorin. It is a novel anticholinergic agent exerting selective antagonist activity on M3 and M1 muscarinic subtype receptors,and improves urgency of urination, pollakiuria and urge urinary incontinence associated with Overactive bladder.It has been highly regarded that the drug can improve the quality of life (QOL) of the patients with Overactive bladder.

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Mebutizide is a diuretic.

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