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Polyurethane Based Waterproofing Agent

The concrete structures on its own is not watertight.The unprotected structures suffer from water induced damage including deterioration and corrosion caused by chlorination, oxidation and sulphation. They reduce alkalinity in concrete and turns acids. The result, reinforcement bar catch rust and eventually expands to drastically hamper load bearing capacity of the buildings structures.Polyurethane Based Waterproofing covers every need of buildings & construction industry to build, repair and protect. The technology is based on polyurethane etc.

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ARI IWC integral water proofing compound in liquid form for addition to concrete and cement mortars.When added to the mix, it spreads over the cement surface area, disperses the cement particles and reduces the permeability, thus increasing the water proofing effect many folds.ARI IWC produces cohesive mixes,reduces water bleeding,low dosage required,improves owrkability of the mix. It can waterproofs concrete as well as cement plastering.

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ARI PWC is a polymer modified cement based waterproof coating. ARI PWC has multiple applications. It forms a tough waterproof barrier coating on the substrate it is applied on. It can be used for waterproofing chemicals underground structures, water retaining structures, slabs, sanitation blocks, etc. ARI PWC is very useful for surface coating of masonry. Brick steel and wood, for fixing ceramic files, joint filling, crack repair floor screeding and porous surface sealing. It has excellent bonding property to mortars, concrete, brickwork, wood, glass, aluminium and steel,improves flexural and tensile strength and thin section fragility of cementious system.ARI PWC reduces chloride / salt penetration in marine environment.

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BETEC Seal is a one component, cementitious coating for waterproofing of new and existing structures. It is a ready to used powder premix comprising cement, selected particle size quartz, synthetic resins and special additives. It is mixed with water using a slow speed drill and paddle to form a smooth slurry. The slurry is applied by brush in two or three coats to form a hard, durable waterproof cementitious coating.

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Brushbond R

Brushbond R comprises a two component acrylic polymer modified cementitious coating supplied in ready to mix kits. It can be simply applied by stiff brush, roller, spray or trowel to obtain the desired texture. The features are it provides excellent barrier to carbon dioxide, chloride ions and water, it is high resistance to the effects of long-term weathering, durable in all climatic conditions including UV attack and further it covers honeycombed and pitted poured concrete effectively.

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Monobond WF

Monobond WF is an easy-to-apply synthetic latex based multipurpose waterproof coating. Monobond WF is a site friendly waterproof coating which forms a polymer matrix upon addition with cement and acts as an effective barrier against moisture ingress.It is single component, non-toxic,forms polymer matrix with excellent mechanical strength properties,can be added to cement based systems like mortar and grouts for modification of properties.Monobond WF can be applied for waterproofing of sunken slabs, toilet blocks, terraces, slabs under brickbats, roofs, watertanks and also applied as an additive to cement mortar for waterproofing and resilience of the matrix.

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Brushbond RFX

Brushbond RFX is a two component acrylic polymer modified cementitious coating. The product is designed to be easily mixed on site using a slow speed drill fitted with a mixing paddle and then applied to the substrate using brush, roller, trowel or spray. The finished coating is of a slightly granular texture. The advantages are the product provides good waterproof, it allows water vapour to escape from the structure, it is non-toxic and provides excellent bond to concrete and masonry and further it does not require overcoating.

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Nitoproof 600

Nitoproof 600 is a single component pitch modified polyurethane which cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to give a tough elastomeric waterproof membrane. It is a medium viscosity grade for roller, squeegee or spray application to horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is highly elastic, cures to give a permanently flexible resilient barrier over a wide range of temperatures. It provides excellent adhesion and can be applied to a wide range of substrates and further its continuous adhesion prevents lateral migration of water.

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MasterSeal 345

MasterSeal 345 membrane is a sprayable membrane for waterproofing concrete structures and water management. MasterSeal 345 membrane is spray-applied between layers of sprayed or cast-in-place concrete or as a stand-alone membrane. MasterSeal 345 membrane exhibits high bond strength to the substrates on both sides of the membrane with good elasticity. MasterSeal 345 membrane can be directly applied to damp sections of substrate.

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MasterSeal 505

MasterSeal 505 is a blend of hydraulic cements, well-graded sands and additives supplied in dry powder form. It requires only the addition of clean water to produce a ready-to-use, ultra-rapid setting, plugging mortar. Water flow can be stopped by mixing the MasterSeal 505 to a malleable consistency and using as a plug. MasterSeal 505 is used for stopping active water or seepage under pressure through joints, cracks and holes in concrete or masonry, where a normal mortar would be washed away and resin would not bond, seal for construction joints or floor joints prior to basement tanking with MasterSeal, instant sewer connections, rapid anchoring of bolts, conduits, pipes, railings, sanitary equipment,joint filling and pointing between concrete segments in concrete and brick tunnels, sewage systems, pipes and mines.MasterSeal 505 is an easy to use ultra-rapid setting mortar which sets in typically 30 – 60 seconds to plug active water leaks in concrete and masonry

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