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SOLUCOTE 1024 is a water based adhesive for laminating film to fabric. It contains heat reactive crosslinker. An epoxy crosslinker such as Araldite 6010 can be added to improve adhesion and lower cure temperature.

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SOLUCOTE 1087 is a medium firm, aromatic waterborne adhesive. It provides excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including wood, metal, film and plastics.

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SOLUCOTE 1088 is a waterborne polyurethane dispersion for coating natural latex gloves. It provides excellent adhesion to natural latex.

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SOLUCOTE 23-299 is a breathable aliphatic waterborne polyurethane adhesive designed for laminating applications. It contains a heat reactive crosslinker. A secondary crosslinker such as epoxy or polyisocyanate may be added to improve adhesion and lower cure temperature.

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Aerospace Sure-Coat

Aerospace Sure-Coat is a waterborne coating system offering excellent flexibility and outstanding adhesion for a variety of interior and exterior applications. The features are it is excellent for leather, vinyl and plastic and provide great adhesion, flexibility and durability.

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Waterborne Flexible Primer Surfacer

Waterborne Flexible Primer Surfacer is a waterborne elastomeric coating for priming urethanes, plastics and other similar substrates. The features are it provides superior adhesion, it has excellent sealing properties, it saves time and labor and further it is ready to spray.

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