Zinc Plating process coating zinc metal over another metal using electricity


Barium Chromate

Barium Chromate is a fine light yellow powder. It is used as a pigment in paints, ceramics, coloring glasses, fuses, and porcelains, corrosion inhibitor, used in anti-corrosive agent and as a pigment used by the paint industry. It is used in ignition control devices. Barium Chromate can be used as a coloring agent by the ceramic industry.

GISS Polyvinyl Alkylimine compound

GISS Polyvinyl Alkylimine compound is a high-performance booster condensed by polyvinyl alkylimine in special condition. It has good coverage at low-current density areas. Generally, it should be used in combination with SP, M, N, AESS, PN and P etc. It is not only used for acid copper plating, but also used for low-cyanide zinc brightener.

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Zinc is a metallic chemical element. It is the 24th most abundant element in the Earth's crust and has five stable isotopes. Corrosion-resistant zinc plating of steel is the major application for zinc. Other applications are in batteries and alloys, such as brass. A variety of zinc compounds are commonly used, such as zinc carbonate and zinc gluconate as dietary supplements, zinc chloride in deodorants, zinc pyrithione in anti-dandruff shampoos, zinc sulfide in luminescent paints, and zinc methyl or zinc diethyl in the organic laboratory. Zinc oxide is widely used as a white pigment in paints, and as a catalyst in the manufacture of rubber. It is also used as a heat disperser for the rubber and acts to protect its polymers from ultraviolet radiation. The semiconductor properties of zinc oxide make it useful in varistors and photocopying products.

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Colsid AP

Colsid AP is a bright-acid zinc plating process for rack and barrel baths containing ammonium chloride or combinations of ammonium chloride and potassium chloride. It contains a special “ductilizer” component which produces highly ductile, bright zinc deposits.

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Excel 800

Excel 800 is a new alkaline non-cyanide zinc process recommended where purity of local rinse waters, plating chemicals and anodes are less than ideal in developing markets lacking experience with cyanide-free technologies.

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Excel 801

Excel 801 is a new alkaline non-cyanide zinc process recommended for use where rinse waters, anodes and plating chemicals have a high degree of purity-typically for use with applications in Europe and North America.

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Colglo 255

Colglo 255 is extremely concentrated, aldehyde-free cyanide zinc brightener. It produces exceptional bright zinc deposits at elevated operating temperatures.

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Colglo 550

Colglo 550 is a enhanced cyanide zinc brightener recommended for barrel plating. It is suitable for high temperatue operation.

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Colglo 750

Colglo 750 is a improved general-purpose cyanide zinc brightener. It contains aldhydes and other additives for improved brightness at low and mid current densities.

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E-Brite 400

E-Brite 400 is a cyanide zinc brightener that has good temperature stability and very wide plating range. It works in conventional and low concentration baths.

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