Cationic Softeners applied onto textile fabrics increase softness



NESOFT CS is a 100% cationic softener in flakes having non-yellowing effect on fabrics, providing softness to the fabrics.

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DURASOFT NY is a cationic softener for use in hosiery, yarn dyeing, and on denim. It is also a economical general purpose cationic softener.

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Etapuron MD

Etapuron MD is a softening agent for all fibres especially silk, wool and triacetate.

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Polysoft-CS is used as an non-yellowing cationic softner.

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Alphanol - CS

Alphanol-CS is a cationic softner which can be used for all types of fabrics.


Aquatex-CS-25 is extensively used in textile and garment industry to prevent static cling and make the fabric soft and in many others.It gives very good softness and body.Aquatex-CS-25 imparts antistatic effect and good lubricating property.

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Perrustol AST is a Quaternary ammonium compound based softening agent.soft handle finishing with antistatic effect for synthetic fibre material.It is a used as raising lubricant for PES,spinning lubricant for WO.It is having soft handle finishing with antistatic effect for synthetic fibre material.

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Perrustol CCA

Perrustol CCA is a soft handle finishing of cellulosic and synthetic fibres, preferably PAN and PES and their blends with antistatic properties.

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Perrustol CCF

Perrustol CCF is a highly effective, antistatic softening agent for natural or synthetic fibres, preferably for PAN, WO or their blends as well as CEL.

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Perrustol HIS

Perrustol HIS is a hydrophilic soft handle finishing of cellulosic fibres, especially for terry and tricot goods.

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