Cationic Softeners applied onto textile fabrics increase softness


Alphanol - CS

Alphanol-CS is a cationic softner which can be used for all types of fabrics.

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Aquasoft-CSX-N is offered by us to customers in bulk and appreciated for its effective results. Aquasoft-CSX-N is widely used in various household and other places for cleaning and softening.It can be used as anti-static agent for synthetics and their blends.Aquasoft-CSX-N gives very good surface smoothness together with inner softness and provides a non-greasy handle.

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Aquatex-CS-25 is extensively used in textile and garment industry to prevent static cling and make the fabric soft and in many others.It gives very good softness and body.Aquatex-CS-25 imparts antistatic effect and good lubricating property.

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Aquatex-CWS-Pre is known for its supreme quality and durability. It is extensively used softeners in the garment processing industry due to their cost efficiency and wide range of potential textures and in many other applications. Aquatex-CWS-Pre gives very good surface smoothness together with inner softness and provides a non-greasy handle.

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Cold Water Soluble Cationic Softener Flakes Technical <90%

Advantages:      GOTS, OEKOTEX, REACH compliant

Premium Softness & Smoothness

Easily Soluble in Cold Water

Very Low Yellowing 


DURASOFT NY is a cationic softener for use in hosiery, yarn dyeing, and on denim. It is also a economical general purpose cationic softener.

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Etapuron MD

Etapuron MD is a softening agent for all fibres especially silk, wool and triacetate.

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MIRASOFT–HCS is a cationic, non yellowing, substantive softener for cellulosic fibres and their blends. It is suitable for all kinds of fibres, it can be applied in both exhaust and padding processes, it has pleasant, soft and voluminous handle, especially on cellulosic fibres, it improves sewing properties of knitted goods and further has low tendency to yellowing.

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NESOFT CS is a 100% cationic softener in flakes having non-yellowing effect on fabrics, providing softness to the fabrics.

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NESOFT ULTRA CS is a 100% cationic softener in pellets / flakes form, endowing an excellent surface smoothness, and ultimate soft feel and fluffy handle to the fabric.

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