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boldenone acetate USP 99%

Boldenone Acetate

Boldenone Acetate steroid hormone Powder Material for Muscle Building Boldenone Acetate

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Product Name?Boldenone Acetate

CAS No.?2363-59-9

Molecular Formula?C21H28O3

Molecular Weight?328.45


Appearance?kind of white solid powder.

Use?Boldenone will increase nitrogen retention, protein synthesis,increases appetito and stimulates the release of erythropoietin in the kidneys.

Product Description :

Due to a different ester attached to it, boldenone acetate is popularly called “short acting Equipoise.” In fact, it is a veterinary steroid that is most known for use in horse racing, and it has never been approved for human use. H owever, boldenone acetate is a somewhat widespread injectable anabolic steroid among bodybuilders.



methyl salicylate USP ?99.0

Methyl Salicylate

Chemical name: Benzoic acid,2-hydroxy-Methyl ester Methyl Salicylate

Alias: Methyl salicylate, wintergreen oil.

Molecular formula: C8H8O3

CAS: 119-36-8

Molecular weight: 152.1

HS Code29182300

Structure formula:

Quality Standard: BP/USP/EP/JP

Physical and Chemical Properties: Colorless or light pale yellow liquid with the odor of leaves of ilex,soluble in alcohol,ether,slightly soluble in water,easy to change color in the air.


Content: 99.0-100.5%

Specific gravity: 1.180-1.186(20oC)

Refractive index: 1.535-1.538

Acidity: 5.0g sample in 50ml alcohl, not more than 0.4ml in 0.1M NaOH.

Usage: Irritate medicine for dephlogistication,and analgesia,partially used in joint and muscle pain and often used as ointment to cure rheumatism.



25kg / 230kg / plastic drum

1 MT = 40 Packages

Packing size: 29.6cm*30cm*41cm / 25kg plastic drum;  59cm*95cm / 230kg plastic drum

Capacity / 20"FCL:

without pallet: 22 MT / 880 Drum for 25kg/drum packing , 1.4CBM/MT; 18 .4MT / 80 Drum for 230kg/Drum packing.

with pallet: 18MT / 720 Drum, 1.4CBM / MT

Our company may produce and pack according to customer's requirement.


Mesosulfuron- methyl 99%

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11-Keto Testosterone USP 99%

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Safe Anabolic Steroid Powder 11-Keto-Testosterone 564-35-2
11-Keto Testosterone Basic Info.:
Product Name: 11-Ketotestosterone
Synonyms: 4-Androsten-17Beta-Ol-3,11-Dione;11-Ketotestosterone;11-Oxotestosterone
CAS: 564-35-2
MF: C19H26O3
MW: 302.41
Product Categories: Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Metabolites & Impurities;Pharmaceuticals;Steroids.
Usage: A metabolite of Adrenosterone.
How To Storage 11-Keto Testosterone?
1.Avoid mixing with heterogeneous odor items stored.
2.Keep the drug away from direct sunlight, heat and moistrue.
3.Do not let the drug at the sight and reach of children.

2,4-Difluorobenzylamine 99%

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2,4-dimethylbenzenethiol 99%

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4-chloropyridin-3-amine 99%

Shanghai Ansion Pharma Technology Co.,Ltd

Diethyl(3-pyridyl)borane 99%

Shanghai Ansion Pharma Technology Co.,Ltd

N-Methyl-4-Chloro Piperidine

N-Methyl-4-Chloro Piperidine is an advanced intermediate used in the manufacture of a large number of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

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benzethonium chloride USP 99


§ Surgical Scrubs. 
§ Personal Care & Hand Soap.
§ Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizers.
§ Health Care Hand Washes.
§ Wipes / Towelletes.
§ First Aid & Drug Products.

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