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ZnO - 80G

ZnO - 80G is a processing aids binder specially formulated for use in EPDM, NR, SBR, BR formulations.It can also be used as an acid acceptor.It is used with MgO as vulcanising agents.

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low zinc activator Technical <90%

Low Zinc Activator Topfine® CR510 is vulcanizing activator with low zinc content, high vulcanization activity and excellent dispersion. Zinc content is only half of common Zinc Oxide (ZnO), environmental friendly, meets the requirements of rubber products performance.

Low Zinc Activator Topfine® CR510 can replace ZnO-80 masterbatch and Activator RS of Bruggemann.


Environmentally friendly, Zinc content 40% only
 High activation efficiency
 Nanometer grade dispersion, no agglomeration
 Good dispersity of processing, no dust
 Excellent physical properties (comparing with equivalent ZnO indirect Process, can replace ZnO-80 Masterbatch equivalently)
 Effectively increase the scorching time, improve the processing safety, the vulcanization speed faster than that of the common zinc oxide.

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rubber accelerator cbs technical Technical 99


Accelerator MBT (Accelerator M) cas:149-30-4

Accelerator ZMBT (Accelerator MZ) cas:155-04-4

Accelerator MBTS (Accelerator DM) cas:120-78-5

Accelerator TBBS (Accelerator NS) cas:95-31-8

Accelerator CBS (Accelerator CZ) cas:95-33-0

Accelerator MBS (Accelerator NOBS) cas:102-77-2

Accelerator DPTT (Accelerator TRA) cas:120-54-7

Accelerator TETD cas:97-77-8

Accelerator TMTD (Accelerator TT) cas:137-26-8

Accelerator TMTM (Accelerator TS) cas:97-74-5

Accelerator TBzTD cas:10591-85-2

Accelerator DPG (Accelerator D) cas:102-06-7

Accelerator ETU (Accelerator NA-22) cas:96-45-7

Accelerator ZDEC (Accelerator ZDC Accelerator EZ) cas:14324-55-1

Accelerator ZDBC (Accelerator BZ) cas:136-23-2

Accelerator ZBEC (Accelerator DBZ) cas:14726-36-4

Accelerator ZDMC cas:137-30-4

Accelerator TDEC (Accelerator TeDEC) cas:20941-65-5

Accelerator ZDTP/P cas:68649-42-3

Vulcanizing agent DTDM cas:103-34-4

Vulcanizing agent IS60 cas:7704-34-9

Antioxidant TMQ (Accelerator RD) cas:26780-96-1

Antioxidant BHT cas:128-37-0

Antiscorcher CTP (Antiscorcher PVI) cas:17796-82-6


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zinc oxide Active

High Surface Area High Purity Precipitated Active Zinc Oxide made from chemical process. Very low heavy metal impurities. Acts as an activator in curing/vulcanization and as an reinforcing agent.


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