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Alpha PVP Flakes BKMDMA Purified 97

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Amastatin is a complex peptide like inhibitor of aminopeptidases. It is a competitive inhibitor of aminopeptidases A, aminopeptidases M. Amastatin has been used for the affinity purification of aminopeptidases. Amastatin is structurally related to bestatin.

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Ambroxol HCl USP >99%

Ambroxol HCl - is also availble in BP / Ph.Eur grade

DMF (CTD) format is avalaible 

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Amodiaquine Hydrochloride

Amodiaquine Hydrochloride is a 4-aminoquinoline derivative, can used in the pharmaceutical industry, production of drug which combines amodiaquine hydrochloride and artesunate in malaria treatment for national malaria prevention.

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Anti-cancer Library LAB GRADE >98%

A unique collection of 975 tumor associated compounds, used in cancer related research and drug screening for high throughput screening, high content screening.

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Apabetalon Hydrochloride 99%

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Apixaban 99%

Shanghai Ansion Pharma Technology Co.,Ltd

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Apoptosis Compound Library LAB GRADE >98%

Apoptosis Compound Library contains 78 compounds related with apoptosis signaling pathways, which are most used in tumorigenesis and anti-cancer drug screening.


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