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What are Additives?

Additives are substances that are added to the chemicals to enhance the properties of the chemical. Industries buy additives that are usually present in the small amounts and is made use for various purposes. It is used for preventing corrosion, stabilizing polymers, and for preserving the food.  Additive properties can change with the addition or subtraction of the mass, volume, size, or heat capacity that is not standard despite of the amount of the substance.


Types of Additives

- Chemical Additives: Chemical Additives are products of disassociation and degradation that is used for cleaning and disinfecting or maintenance. Chemical additives finds purpose for usage in the production of lubricants, oils, fuels and greases, chemical additive concentrates for use in lubricants, oils, fuels and greases.

- Feed Additives: Feed additives are product that finds application in animal nutrition for improving the animals’ health. It provides enhanced digestibility, hygiene and intestinal health to the feed products. These additives include vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and minerals.

- Antiwear Additives: These kinds of additives functions in lubricants to prevent metal to metal contact. They act as a protective film to minimize wear at the contact surface.

- Food Additives: Food Additives are substances added to food for improving and enhancing the taste, texture, nutrition and appearance of the food. Preservatives are used to stop bacteria or mould from the spoiling of the food. Colourings are used to make our food looks more attractive. For example citric acid is used a natural preservative to add an acidic, or sour, taste to foods. 

- Fuel Additives: Industries buy Fuel additives which are products formulated to enhance the quality and efficiency of the fuels used in vehicles. These additives increase the octane rate and act as a corrosion inhibitor which allows higher compression rates and efficiency.

- Antioxidant Additives: Antioxidant additives are additives which protects against thermally activated oxidative degradation that has effects in a decrease of molecular weight.

- Plastic Additives: These are chemicals used to polymerize process, modify or improve the functionality of the polymer materials.

- Paint Additives: Paints additives are materials added to paints, resins and coatings to alter the end use properties. Usage of additives in the right order and in the right proportion in paint can assist get better appearance, durability of coating and flow of paints. Zinc stearate is a industrial chemicals which is used as a powerful mould agent in all metal soaps.  

- Polymer Additives: These chemicals are added to the polymers to enhance the processing ability of the polymers, improve the characteristics such as durability, stiffness, and enhance the service life.

- Grease Additives: Chemical components or blends which provide more than one functions in the fluid, when used at a specific treat rate. The additives provide resistance to extremes of pressure, cold, or heat, improved viscosity, and detergency.


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