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Bentonite is an absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate, generally impure clay consisting mostly of montmorillonite. There are different types of bentonites and their names depend on the dominant elements, such as potassium (K), sodium (Na), calcium (Ca), and aluminum (Al). As noted in several places in the geologic literature, there are some nomenclatorial problems with the classification of bentonite clays. Bentonite usually forms from weathering of volcanic ash, most often in the presence of water. However, the term bentonite, as well as a similar clay called tonstein, have been used for clay beds of uncertain origin. For industrial purposes, two main classes of bentonite exist: sodium and calcium bentonite. In stratigraphy and tephrochronology, completely devitrified (weathered volcanic gla

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CLiQSMART defoamers are used in industrial or decorative systems to sufficiently defoam a system during production or application. The CLiQSMART defoamers are well balanced in system compatibility and defoaming efficiency.


CLiQTRANS pigment concentrates for transparent aqueous and non-aqueous wood stains and lacquers. The pastes are designed for excellent compatibility and maximum pigment load with low viscosity and excellent stability.


CarboBond is especially suitable for the kind of adhesive application where electrical conductivity is of primary importance.


DURAL 100 is a two-component, 100% solids, moisture insensitive epoxy adhesive used as a bonding agent for precast segmental box girders, bridge and other segmental construction. It is a non-sag paste which is available in 3 formulations that cover a wide range of temperature applications.

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EPCO 1010

EPCO 1010 is a non shrink epoxy sealant used for sealing of cracks, construction & plumbing joints, bonding dissimilar materials like wood, concrete, marble, steel, aluminum, asbestos etc. The important properties are it is heat resistant and further it has excellent mechanical strength.

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Enasta OD

Enasta OD is a series of mould release agents. Enasta OD series include range of high-performance mould release agents with various compositions. ENASTA OD products are intended for use in compressed, horizontally vibrated and other concrete components.

Epotron 5

Epotron 5 can be applied to bond ceramics, glass, metal, wood, stone, and most rigid surfaces, and is especially desirable for structural and laminating applications.Epotron 5 has a high overall impact resistance. It is excellent for both exterior and interior applications.


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