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Exflam201 is a fine-particle ammonium polyphosphate produced by a special method. Exflam201 pruduct is largely insoluble in water and completely insoluble in organic solvent. It is white, non-hygroscopic and non-flammable,whose crystalline form is II,n>1000.Exflam201 can be used in intumescent coatings,used in adhensive and sealants,PU rigid integral skin foams,used in cellulose-containing material (paper, wood),used in casting resin based on epoxy resin and unsaturated PE resin. It is innocuous, which is advisable to store in a hidden dry place.

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HECELLOSE is a non-ionic water soluble cellulose ether used as a thickner and rheology modifier in water based paints such as Emulsion Paints, Distempers, Acrylic Putty, Primers, etc.

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Hypale 20

Hypale 20 is used as pressure sensitive adhesives, hot-melt adhesives.

Hypale 30

Hypale 30 is used as a pressure sensitive adhesives, hot-melt adhesives.

Hypale 40

Hyoale 40 is used as a pressure sensitive adhesives, hot-melt adhesives.

Hypro RLP

Hypro RLP will significantly enhance performance such as fracture toughness, low temperature mechanical properties, impact/crack/chip resistance, flexibility and adhesion to difficult to adhere-to substrates.


Ken-React is a multifunctional titanate and aluminate compounds of different classes and functionalities.


MECELLOSE is growing in popularity across this diverse range of industries in large part because of its flexibility and ease of use. It is an environmentally friendly, cellulose based product obtained from wood or cotton. It used as a water retaining agent in cement based or gypsum based dry mortar products to improve the open time, workability, adhesion strength and sag resistance.

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MEGUM 128 is a solvent-based adhesive to bond rubber compounds to metals and other rigid substrates during vulcanization. It is suitable for all common curing systems, especially fast-curing natural rubbers and rubber blends.

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