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N. S. A-44

N. S. A-44 is a special "ecorel" formulation adhesive for multipurpose application like ceramic tile fixing.


NACURE 155 is a low pressure laminating adhesive. It is a hydrophobic sulfonic acid catalyst based on dinonylnaphthalene disulfonic acid supplied as a 55% concentrate in isobutanol. Its primary use is as a catalyst for promoting the cure of hydroxy, carboxy and amide functional polymers with melamine and urea-formaldehyde crosslinking agents.

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PARACOL B4 is a one component polyurethane adhesive with gap filling properties.It is suitable for bonding dry and moist wood, rubber, concrete, all porous materials.

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Perenol E1

Perenol E 1 is silicone-free air release agent for non-aqueous coatings and printing inks, e.g. CN, 1- or 2-component acid curing wood coatings, 2-p PUR, acrylic resin finishes, air drying epoxy resin paints.


THIXON 305 is a solvent-based one-coat adhesive for bonding silicone compounds to metal during vulcanization. It adheres to hot and cold rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, as well as thermoplastics such as polyamides and polyesters. It can be used with all common molding and curing methods. Cure temperatures between 120°C and 200°C are recommended.

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THIXON 406 is a one-coat bonding agent used for bonding castable polyurethane elastomers to metal. It is also suitable for bonding thermoplastic polyurethanes to metal. It should only be used for bonding castable polyurethanes where the curing temperatures are greater than 75°C to 80°C. It adheres to hot and cold rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass as well as thermoplastics such as polyamides and polyesters.

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WOODCOL SH is a wood working adhesive mainly used for joining wood to wood and wood to mica.

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granoflour is a mineral raw material made of hard rock grains.granoflour is of the highest quality, and stands out against conventional products.


1,4-Dioxane, often called dioxane because the other isomers of dioxane are rare, is a colorless heterocyclic organic compound, which is a liquid at room temperature and pressure. It is classified as an ether. This colorlesss liquid is mainly used as a stabilizer for the solvent trichloroethane. It is an occasionally used solvent for a variety of practical applications as well as in the laboratory. It has a faint sweet odor similar to that of diethyl ether.Dioxane is a byproduct of the ethoxylation process in the production of materials used in cosmetics, notably sodium myreth sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate

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ARDEX FA 20 is an advanced fibre reinforced smoothing and levelling compound featuring MICROTEC technology that is designed to rapidly smooth and level existing substrates prior to applying a floor finish. ARDEX FA 20 can be applied to timber floors, flooring grade asphalt and existing substrates with adhesive residues. ARDEX FA 20 can be applied on all common sub-floors such as concrete, cement/sand screeds, flooring grade asphalt, timber and chipboard, quarry tiles, existing sub-floors with sound adhesive residues. ARDEX FA 20 may also be used for smoothing and levelling timber floors prior to applying ceramic tiles.

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