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ARDEX FA 20 is an advanced fibre reinforced smoothing and levelling compound featuring MICROTEC technology that is designed to rapidly smooth and level existing substrates prior to applying a floor finish. ARDEX FA 20 can be applied to timber floors, flooring grade asphalt and existing substrates with adhesive residues. ARDEX FA 20 can be applied on all common sub-floors such as concrete, cement/sand screeds, flooring grade asphalt, timber and chipboard, quarry tiles, existing sub-floors with sound adhesive residues. ARDEX FA 20 may also be used for smoothing and levelling timber floors prior to applying ceramic tiles.

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ARDEX X 7R grey and white rapid setting cement-based floor and wall tile adhesives.It is specifically formulated to have enhanced properties of adhesion and flexibility, ideal for fixing fully vitrified or porcelain tiles and other tiles with low porosity, as well as glass and porcelain mosaics, terrazzo and brick slips without the need of an admixture.ARDEX X 7R/ARDEX X 7RW adhere strongly to most construction materials such as concrete,cement and sand renders and screeds, heated sub-floors, brickwork and blockwork, and primed gypsum plaster, anhydrite screeds and plasterboard.ARDEX X 7R/ARDEX X 7RW is suitable for fixing ceramic tiles to concrete or cement and sand screeds with underfloor heating.

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Aboseal 6-6

Aboseal 6-6 is having 2-part epoxy with exceptional bond strength and flexibility. Aboseal 6-6 is usually apply to concrete, wood, metal, composite materials, exterior/interior, to fill expansion joints and cracks.

Anabond 340

Anabond 340 pipe sealants eliminate the use of PTFE tapes. It prevents leakage and loosening the joints due to vibration. It withstand pressure up to 400kg/cm². It is used for sealing all threaded joints in hydraulic, pneumatic and steam pressure lines, etc.

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Anabond 610

Anabond 610 are safer and superior pre-cut gaskets. It fills surface irregularities and provides leak proof joints. It have resistance to wide range of chemicals, oils and fuels and withstand pressure up to 120 kg/cm².

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Arkon M 100

Arkon M 100 is used in pressure sensitive adhesives, Sealants, hot-melt adhesives.

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Arkon M 115

Arkon M 115 is used as a hot-melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, sealants.

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Arkon M 135

Arkon M 135 is used in pressure sensitive adhesives, Sealants, hot-melt adhesives.

Arkon P 100

Arkon P 100 is used as a pressure sensitive adhesives, hot-melt adhesives,sealants.

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Arkon P 115

Arkon P 115 is used as an pressure sensitive adhesives, hot-melt adhesives and as a sealants.

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