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Arkon P 125

Arkon P 125 is used as an pressure sensitive adhesives, hot-melt adhesives and in sealants.

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Arkon P 140

Arkon P 140 is used as an pressure sensitive adhesives, hot-melt adhesives, sealants.

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Bisomer HMP

Bisomer HMP is a copolymerizable emulsifier specifically developed for application in emulsion polymerization and based on maleic acid and fatty alcohol.

Bisomer HPA

Bisomer HPA as a a vinyl double bond which enables it to be copolymerised with a variety of similar monomers to produce polymers with pendent hydroxyl functionality.

Bisomer LMA

Bisomer LMA is Hydrophobic, monofunctional methacrylate monomer with a low Glass transition temperature (Tg) and is excellent as a flexibiliser and plasticiser.

Bisomer PTE

Bisomer PTE is an aromatic tertiary amine used as an amine activator for organic peroxide initiation. It is extensively used to activate PMMA, unsaturated polyesters (UPE) and vinyl ester / methacrylate resins. It is ideal in a wide range of applications, including acrylic flooring, adhesives, chemical fixings, road-marking paints, anchor bolts and chemical mortars. Bisomer PTE has lower toxicity and odor than more commonly used activators.

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Deacon 3300

Deacon 3300 is an extruded gasket compound suitable for extreme temperatures. It maintains its flexibility and pliability when filling voids and steam cuts. It is a heat curing, compressible, flange joint sealant. Deacon 3300 conforms to flange face and flange gap irregularities better than standard die cut gaskets. It is ideal for metal-to-metal joint applications in steam, hot air, and various chemical environments.Deacon 3300 should be pressed firmly into place as to resemble a tape-like seal.

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Dehysol 190

Dehysol 190 is a plasticizer for plastisols.

Dehysol DBS

Dehysol DBS is universal, highly effective plasticizer for PVC based on dibutyl sebacate generally used together with a less volatile plasticizer such as DOP.

Desmodur RC

Desmodur RC polyisocyanate is a solution of the polyisocyanurate of toluene diisocyanate (TDI) in ethyl acetate. Desmodur RC polyisocyanate is a suitable crosslinker for adhesives based on Desmocoll polyurethane, natural rubber or synthetic rubber. Desmodur RC polyisocyanate is especially useful for crosslinking pale-colored adhesives used to bond rubber-based materials.

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