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Tamanol 581

Tamanol 581 is a good phasing stability and peeling strength, it is used in chloroprene cement.

Tamanol 582

Tamanol 582 has a good phasing stability and heat resistance, and is used in chloroprene cement.

Tamanol 803

Tamanol 803 has an excellent tackiness retention, and is used in chloroprene cement, hot-melt adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive.

Uniseal 150

Uniseal 150 is a high performance one part low modulus polyurethane sealant specifically developed for the sealing of contraction and expansion joints in civil engineering and building structures.

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Uniseal 170

Uniseal 170 is a high performance one part polyurethane sealant specifically developed for the sealing of contraction and expansion joints in potable water retaining structures.

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Uniseal 250

Uniseal 250 two part polysulphide consists of a formulated blend of liquid polysulphide polymer, plasticisers and fillers which when mixed form a tough flexible rubber like seal which adheres to most common construction surfaces. It is used for sealing movement joints in buildings and civil engineering structures including bridges, floors, basements and reservoirs. Uniseal 250 is available in both Gun and Pouring grades.

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XtraBond HT

XtraBond HT is a one part, easy to use, non-slumping paste that cures to a silicone rubber when exposed to atmospheric moisture at room temperature. This product is engineered to provide a durable, watertight bond when exposed to continuous temperatures ranging from -80° to 500°F on a continuous basis while maintaining its integrity at up to 600°F for intermittent time periods. Its unique formulation acts as both a thermal and electrical insulator as well, so it is ideal for sealing around heating elements.

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XtraFoam CC

XtraFoam CC is a low expansion, one-component, multipurpose, polyurethane foam specifically formulated for low temperature application. The product’s low pressure, airtight insulation foam blocks drafts, moisture and insects without distending window and door frames. Its advanced chemistry supports installation temperatures as low as 10° F. Once cured, will not shrink or expand.

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ABRON PNR 18 is resol type of phenolic resin system based on phenolic resin and nitrile rubber. ABRON PNR 18 resin is the best sealent coat resistant to organic solvents and having excellent binding property between metal to metal,metal to non-metal,non-metal to non-metal.

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ACRYNAX 4326 is a permanently tacky, 100% solid all-acrylic polymer designed for use as a hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive. It can also be used as a specialty additive to improve the performance of other commercially available hot melt adhesives by enhancing tack and flexibility. This product exhibits good adhesion to a variety of materials including polyester, glass, steel, aluminum, vinyl, fabric, non-wovens and paper. It provides the highest tack and peel adhesion with the lowest cohesive strength.

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