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DynaLoc 9532

DynaLoc 9532 is a bottle labeling adhesive intended primarily for adhering paper labels to PET plastic bottles.It exhibits excellent adhesion to PET bottles and excellent wet tack for picking up labels from the magazine on rotary labels.

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DynaLoc 9535

DynaLoc 9535 is a bottle labeling adhesive intended for adhering paper labels to glass bottles.It exhibits excellent water resistance and is very clean machining with low odor. It adhere to lightly coated glass bottles.

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Ecosar Mw 15

ECOSAR MW 15 is a synthetic latex adhesive specific for leathergoods and seaming thanks to its remarkable gluing power and the long open time.

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Ecosar Mw 25

ECOSAR MW 25 is a natural and synthetic latex adhesive for the insole placing.

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Ecosar Mw 35

ECOSAR MW 35 is a natural and synthetic latex adhesive for lining-upper combination both on natural and synthetic materials.

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Fixovin-L 16

Fixovin-L 16 is an adhesives used in paper gum tape.

FlexTac 7003

FlexTac 7003 is a vinyl acetate based emulsion adhesive developed primarily for use in the paperboard and packaging industry. FlexTac 7003 is an economical and fast setting general purpose adhesive that is suitable for glue lap applications as well as some paper laminating applications.

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FlexTac 7425

FlexTac 7425 is a high performance vinyl acetate polymer based emulsion adhesive developed specifically for baling of recycled board or paper.It has excellent spray ability with virtually no build-up on spray heads and easy clean-up properties along with fast setting bonds to paper and board even at high moisture contents.

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FlexTac 7426

FlexTac 7426 is a high performance vinyl acetate copolymer based emulsion adhesive developed as a general purpose product for the packaging industry. FlexTac 7426 exhibits excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and finds great utility as a general purpose folding box and folding carton adhesive.

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FlexTac 7427

FlexTac 7427 is a fully pressure sensitive vinyl acetate terpolymer emulsion adhesive specifically developed for folding carton window applications. This product has very aggressive tack and adhesion to a wide variety of carton stock – coated and uncoated – and poly windows.

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