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Loctite 5188

Loctite 5188 is a highly flexible sealant which cures when confined in the absence of air between close-fitting metal surfaces. It is designed for use on rigid metal flanged connections, particularly where minor oil contamination of the flange surfaces can occur. Loctite 5188 is particularly suitable for use on aluminium substrates where very good adhesion is needed. It ensures an instant, low-pressure seal. For sealing rigid flange faces on transmissions and engine casings. It is ideal for sealing all kinds of rigid metal flanges, especially aluminium flanges, excellent chemical resistance, highly flexible.

Loctite 5404

Loctite 5404 is a self-shimming, flexible silicone adhesive for demanding parts such as ceramic boards. Loctite 5404 is designed to bond metallic heat sinks, ceramic chips and circuit board substrates. Its applications include the bonding of various heat generating devices to their respective heat sinks. Loctite 5404 adhesive is designed to provide strong bond between the device and its heat sink as well as low resistance to the flow of heat from the electronic device to the heat sink.

Loctite 6300

Loctite 6300 is designed for the bonding of cylindrical fitting parts. Loctite 6300 product cures when confined in the absence of air between close-fitting metal surfaces and prevents loosening and leakage due to shock and vibration. It is also approved for use on bearings. Its key differentiator is the “White” Material Safety Data Sheet. Loctite 6300 carries no hazard symbols, risk or safety phrases and does not contain any declarable carcinogens, mutagens or reproductive toxins.

Molykote 106

Molykote106 is a inorganic and organic compounds dispersion.It is used as a long lasting, heat cure coating for high loads.

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Nitobond SBA

Nitobond SBA is used for bonding precast concrete bridge segments to provide a structural and waterproof joint. It is also suitable as a gap filling paste and for grouting of starter bars, holding down bolts, etc, where a paste consistency material is required. It provides excellent adhesion to concrete, steel and most construction materials. It is moisture tolerant and can be applied to damp surfaces.

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Parabond 400

Parabond 400 is a multi purpose adhesive sealant.It is used in floor joints and vertical joints in the construction industry.It is also used in Bonding in the coachwork, container and marine industries.

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Parabond 600

Parabond 600 is a one component fast curing,flexible elastic adhesive based on MS-polymer, used for the bonding and sealing in building and engineering industries. Parabond 600 has a good adhesive strength without primer on most common materials such as aluminium, zinc, galvanised steel, stainless steel,copper, natural stone, concrete, brick , volkern.Parabond 600 can be painted with most acrylic and solvent based paints.It is suitable for use as universal glue and adhesive for sealing seams,connecting and movable joints. It is extremely suitable for the structural gluing of panels and elements in the professional facade, interior and ceiling construction.

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Parabond 700

Parabond 700 is an elastic adhesive, rapid vulcanisation, based on Hybrid MS-polymer, for bonding and sealing in construction and building industry. Parabond 700 vulcanises by reaction of the humidity in the ambient air. Parabond 700 has a good adhesive strength without primer on most common materials in the building industry such as aluminum, galvanised steel, stainless steel, zinc, copper, natural stone, concrete, brick.

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Poly Band 18

Poly Band 18 is an adhesives used in pasting Labels on glass by hand.

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Poly Band 40

Poly Band 40 is an adhesives used in pasting Labels by semi-automatic machine.

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