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Tamanol 520S

Tamanol 520S has a good heat resistance, used in chloroprene cement.

Thanecure T9

Thanecure T9 is a polyfunctional isocyanate which is used as a vulcanization agent for polyurethane rubbers and as an adhesion promoter for rubber to textile bonding.

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Thanecure ZM

Thanecure ZM is a cure activator for sulfur cured Millathane® polyurethane rubber. It consists of a partial complex of zinc chloride and MBTS.

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Tri-Rez 1020

Tri-Rez 1020 is a highly crystalline polyester for water-borne adhesives.

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Versamid 150

Versamid 150 is a low viscosity, reactive polyamide resin based on fatty acid derivatives and polyamines, for chemical resistance thermoset coatings and potting materials, adhesives, industrial maintenance.

Versamid 223

Versamid 223 is a medium/low reactivity polyamide/epoxy adduct, for solvent free coatings.

Versamine S8

Versamine S8 is a fast curing modified amine epoxy curing agent suitable for formulating coatings, flooring, adhesives and mortars for standard conditions and low temperatures.

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XtraBond 150

XtraBond 150 is a one component, permanently flexible, RTV mildew-resistant silicone sealant. The product’s tough chemical resistance makes it a worry-free solution for a wide range of applications. It provides excellent adhesion to cultured marble, tile, glass, vinyl, aluminum, and sheet metal without the need for a primer. The product is engineered to cure rapidly when exposed to atmospheric moisture, to form a durable tight bond that contractors and installers count on.

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XtraBond 250

XtraBond 250 is a 100% RTV silicone sealant and the product is formulated as a one component, mildew resistant sealant that is permanently flexible and offers excellent adhesion. Its anti-microbial formula is NSF approved and FDA compliant, so it can be used confidently around food applications. Its resistance to moisture makes it ideal for use in high moisture areas such as marine, baths, and walk-in coolers.

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XtraBond 450

XtraBond 450 is a one component, non-sag, permanently flexible neutral cure silicone sealant. The product is engineered to deliver excellent adhesion to vinyl, glass, aluminum, wood, sheet metal and most common building materials without the need of a primer. The product is an ideal fit for applications where there is a lack of moisture that would aid the curing process. It cures rapidly when exposed to atmospheric moisture to form a durable tight bond. Its design is ideal for back bedding and glazing applications as well as other exterior applications.

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