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ACRYNAX 11588 is a permanently tacky, 100% solid all-acrylic polymer designed for use as a hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive. It can also be used as a specialty additive to improve the performance of other adhesives by enhancing tack and flexibility. This product exhibits good adhesion to a variety of materials including polyester, glass, steel, aluminum, vinyl, fabric, non-wovens and paper. It provides moderate tack and peel adhesion with a high degree of cohesive strength. This product also has excellent resistance to creep or cold flow. It is a thermoplastic polymer which can be applied using a variety of hot melt coating equipment.

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ARDEX AF 2300 is a water-based, low odour, solvent free, rubber floor covering adhesive containing a blend of high quality dispersions and a low filler content. ARDEX AF 2300 has very good early and long term adhesive strength and is odourless when dry. ARDEX AF 2300 is designed for use on sub-floors such as smoothed and levelled concrete and sand/cement screeds, water-based levelling and smoothing compounds and terrazzo.

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ARDEX AF 2510 is a two part polyurethane adhesive for fixing PVC, Polyolefins (planks and tile), linoleum, rubber and hardwood floorcoverings. It is water resistant when fully cured and is virtually emission free enabling thin PVC floorcoverings to be installed without bubbling. It is smooth and easy to trowel with small or large notched trowels for PVC and large format hardwood boards.ARDEX AF 2510 can be used on or over smoothing underlayments, sand and cement screeds, calcium sulfate screeds, concrete.

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ARDEX AF 3000 is a water-based, low solvent content, high quality, dispersion adhesive based on synthetic resin/rubber emulsion with mineral fillers. ARDEX AF3000 has excellent wet grab and rapid strength development. ARDEX AF 3000 is also suitable for use over normal underfloor heating systems.It may also be used for Linoleum and some PVC-based tiles and sheet.

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ARDEX-FLEX FS is a cement-based grouting compound with excellent flexible and water repellent properties without the addition of an admix. ARDEX-FLEX FS is especially suited for humid and damp locations, particularly showers and kitchens. ARDEX-FLEX FS is suitable for grouting joints up to 4mmin width between tiles and mosaics of ceramic, porcelain, glass and most natural stones.

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Aboweld 48-33

Aboweld 48-33 is used for high-strength bonding and patching of structures, tools, tanks, bridges, bulkheads, tools, pipes, and sculptures. It is suggested uses include bonding granite and marble to floors and walls, installing posts, railings, and pre-cast concrete slabs, and sealing underground structures against water seepage. Aboweld 48-33 epoxy paste is easy to spread, resists sagging on vertical surfaces, and is unaffected by atmospheric conditions, soft and salt water, diluted acids, several solvents, oils, and greases.

Aboweld 55-22

Aboweld 55-22 is ideal for bonding, filling, and patching stone, concrete, masonry, metal, ceramics, glass, fiberglass, and virtually all rigid surfaces.Aboweld 55-22 is great for exterior and interior applications where a very strong bond is desired. It resists sagging on vertical surfaces,solvent-free and food grade.

Acetone Oxime

Acetone Oxime is used as deoxidant for water in boiler, organic synthetical intermediate, amino polyester sealant industry.

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Alcogum 296 W

Alcogum 296 W is recommended as a stabilizer, protective colloid, and thickener for water based systems, such as natural and synthetic rubber latices, and polymeric dispersions, such as polyvinyl acetate and polyacrylate emulsions. Alcogum 296 W possesses unique adhesive, suspending, emulsifying, and film-forming characteristics, making it ideal for other industrial uses.

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Allyl Bromide

Allyl Bromide is an organic halide. It is used as an alkylating agent in the synthesis of polymers, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, biochemicals and other organic chemicals including other allyl compounds.

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