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DyCross 9071A

DyCross 9071A is a proprietary combination of rubber based and other polymer systems that has been formulated to provide the water-based adhesive coater with an aggressive, high tack product for a wide variety of tape and industrial pressure sensitive fabrication and assembly applications. DyCross 9071A also provides excellent adhesion to a wide variety of foams including polyester and polyether urethane foams.

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Ecosar 1-66-B

ECOSAR 1-66-B is a fast-gluing natural latex adhesive (unscented) for lining-upper joining. ECOSAR 1-66-B's strong gluing also on the toe-puffs, makes it a specific adhesive for this working, having an extremely effective adhesion on materials notoriously difficult to glue.

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Enerdyne UV-9

Enerdyne 9 is a UV curable pressure sensitive adhesive. It has been formulated to cure into a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive film when exposed to ultra violet light.It is a solvent-free product, which exhibits excellent adhesion to paper, film and foil substrates.Enerdyne 9 cures extremely well using standard medium pressure mercury lamps (H bulbs).

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Ester Gum AVV

Ester Gum AVV is used as a pressure sensitive adhesives, hot-melt adhesives.

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FlexMelt 4001

Flex Melt 4001 is a low cost hot melt which produces a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive film. It has been formulated to provide aggressive quick grab and adhesion to a variety of substrates including LDPE, HDPE, PET and corrugated. It may also be used as a laminating adhesive to laminate various substrates including LDPE, HDPE, PET and corrugated.

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Foamaster 714

Foamaster 714 is a defoamer for low and highly pigmented emulsion paints and polymeric emulsions, predominantly those based on acrylics and styrene-acrylics.

Foamaster JMY

Foamster JMY is used in defoaming of adhesives, polymer latices, paints.

Foamaster NXZ

Foamaster NXZ is a defoamer for emulsion paints based on styrene butadiene, acrylic, polyvinyl chloride, ethylene vinyl acetate, vinylidene chloride and water-soluble alkyds.


HYDRAN AP-40N is used as primer for various films. It is resistant to light and heat.

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KAMICRYL -501 is used for manufacture of tapes like BOPP / PVC / PET / CELLOPHONE / PAPER Where permanent tack and high peel strengths are required.

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