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KAMICRYL -501 is used for manufacture of tapes like BOPP / PVC / PET / CELLOPHONE / PAPER Where permanent tack and high peel strengths are required.

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Kalama K-FLEX

Kalama K-FLEX plasticizers and coalescents provide an attractive alternative to phthalate plasticizers and high VOC coalescents such as TMPDMB and certain glycol ethers. Kalama K-FLEX plasticizers are an excellent phthalate-free solution for formulators looking to satisfy both legislative requirements and consumer demand. Kalama K-FLEX plasticizers offer equal or superior performance over other recognized plasticizers and coalescents in a wide range of applications including adhesives, caulks, sealants, coatings, and vinyl/plastisol applications.

MagnaCryl 640

MagnaCryl 640 is a high performance modified acrylic structural adhesive for bonding a wide variety of metallic and non-metallic materials to themselves or to each other. MagnaCryl 640 develops outstanding shear and peel properties exceeding the inherent strengths of many engineering thermoplastics.

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Millathane 26

Millathane 26 is an polyurethane rubber is designed for food contact applications such as belting, rollers, seals, gaskets, linings, socks, boots, lagging, curtains, and hoses. Millathane 26 is peroxide-curable only.

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Millathane 66

Millathane 66 is a peroxide curable urethane rubber for the production of oil, fuel and chemical resistant parts which require excellent low and high temperature performance and high mechanical strength. Compounds of Millathane 66 have excellent abrasion resistance.

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Millathane 76

Millathane 76 is a polyester millable urethane having improved processing properties over a wide Mooney viscosity range. Compounds can be compression, transfer, or injection molded in a hardness range of 30 to 90 Shore A. Millathane 76 can be vulcanized by either sulfur or peroxide cure systems.

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Millathane 97

Millathane 97 is a polyether millable urethane rubber having excellent wear properties, a high coefficient of friction and very good UV stability. This polyurethane rubber is designed for applications in shoe soling, roll coverings and other applications where transparency is brightly colored or decorative products are required.

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Millathane CM

Millathane CM is a polyether millable urethane rubber. It can be vulcanized with either sulfur or peroxide and can be easily processed on conventional rubber equipment. Vulcanizates of Millathane CM have outstanding abrasion resistance as well as a combination of other properties not found in other elastomers.

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Millathane HT

Millathane HT is a polyester, millable polyurethane which has the ability to withstand elevated temperatures. One typical shortcoming of polyurethanes in general is a loss of physical properties at temperatures over 180ºF (82ºC), Millathane HT has overcome this weakness.

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Nappar Fluids

Nappar fluids are high-volatility solvent used in industrial adhesive formulations in place of toluene.Recommended for replacement of aromatic-containing solvents,Lower odor than corresponding aromatic solvents.

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