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Techcryl 6233

Techcryl 6233 is an acrylic emulsion, which produces a pressure sensitive film upon drying. It has been formulated primarily as a permanent adhesive for use on plasticized PVC films. It provides excellent plasticizer resistance as well as very good aging characteristics.

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Techcryl 6249

Techcryl 6249 is a water-based acrylic adhesive formulated to coat ultra smooth for optical clarity in clear film applications. Techcryl 6249 provides good adhesion to a variety of surfaces and can be supplied at a viscosity suitable for your coating equipment.

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Techcryl 9110

Techcryl 9110 is a water-based, solvent free, acrylic polymer emulsion. It is formulated for static cling applications.

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VINNAPAS 7200 is a poly (vinyl alcohol) stabilized vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer dispersion with a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 0°C. It was developed as a high performance, ultra-high solids dispersion offering superior adhesion, wet tack and setting speed over conventional VAE dispersions.

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VONCOAT W-386 is an emulsion-type adhesive with excellent bonding strength, retention, and curved surface bonding properties.

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Versamine 911

Versamine 911 is medium viscosity, light colored fast-setting modified amine epoxy hardener, for blush-free surfaces with good flexibility, 100 % solid coatings, decorative fast-setting floorings, patching compounds.

XtraBond 2500

XtraBond 2500 is a co-polymer sealant & adhesive and the product is engineered to deliver excellent adhesion and performance with a wide variety of roofing substrates, tile, concrete, clay, slate, pre-painted metals, masonry, stone, aluminum, and sheet metal without the need of a primer. Its advanced ultra-clear chemistry provides a highly durable bond that will not crack, and is ideal for applications that are exposed to high winds. The product cures quickly and provides a smooth, paintable surface.

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XtraBond 9500

XtraBond 9500 is a multi-purpose advanced polymer sealant. The product’s one component design ensures that it cures rapidly when exposed to atmospheric moisture to form a durable bond and can be applied in a wide range of temperature and weather conditions (-40° F to 140° F). It is engineered to deliver aggressive adhesion with the most common construction substrates, while ensuring complete compatibility even with rubberized asphalt flashing and other flexible plastic building materials. It contains no solvents and very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs,) so it is easy on the environment. The product comes in many standard colors, and can be custom color-matched.

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XtraFoam­ HH

XtraFoam­ HH is a very low expansion, one-component, multipurpose, polyurethane foam formulated to seal around window and door frames. Once applied, it doesn’t shrink or expand. Its advanced chemistry ensures excellent adhesion to most substrates, and an excellent water-resistant, airtight seal as well as outstanding thermal and acoustical insulation.

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Yug Col SR 77

Yug Col SR 77 is a synthetic rubber based adhesive for use in foam-to-foam applications. It is non-staining and does not discolor tapestry. Yug Col SR 77 is economical to use. Yug Col SR 77 is quick drying and gives good coverage.

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