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Aboweld 8305-5

Aboweld 8305-5 is an epoxy adhesive for bonding dry and wet surfaces. It can permanently bonds concrete, masonry, wood, extruded vinyl, metals, and most rigid surfaces. Aboweld 8305-5 is exceptionally resistant to atmospheric and humidity conditions, chemicals, solvents, and greases.

Baybond PU 330

Baybond PU 330 is an anionic, non-ionic polyester urethane polymer, used as the film-forming component in glass fibre sizes. It is commonly used as the film-forming component in glass fiber sizing, especially for glass fibers used to reinforce thermosets. Glass fiber sizes based on Baybond PU 330 have excellent film-forming properties and adhesion. This product also remains stable when exposed to shear forces. As with any product, use of Baybond PU 330 in a given application must be tested (including but not limited to field testing) in advance by the user to determine suitability.


Benzoguanamine is used as a cross-linking agent of alkyd and acrylic resin to increase thermoset properties. It is used as a raw material for guanamine resins. It is used as a modifier and flexibilizer of formaldehyde resins. It is used as a intermediate for pharmaceuticals.

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Bluesil SLT 3B

Bluesil SLT 3B is a one-component silicone sealant which cures rapidly when exposed to atmospheric humidity, forming a permanently flexible and durable weather tight seal. This high-modulus, thixotropic paste is used where joint loads are high and relative movement between substrates is to be minimized. It can be translucent, white, or black, and bonds to glass, ceramics, and glazed or painted surfaces without primer. It finds application in all classical glazing joints, door and window frames, cladding and curtain wall construction, shop windows, display cases, panels and signs, portable buildings, caravans and containers, conservatories and greenhouses, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) ducting, construction joints, swimming pools, and marine hardware.

Bluesil SLT 3E

Bluesil SLT 3E is a one-component silicone sealant which forms a flexible and durable elastomeric seal when exposed to atmospheric humidity. It has weather resistance properties and bonds with uncoated glass, ceramics, most glazed non-porous surfaces, and anodized aluminum without the need for primer. It finds application in caulking doors and windows, shop windows, display cases, panels and signs, plumbing, drains, guttering, HVAC ducting, sealing of electrical conduit, boat maintenance, and DIY general purpose sealing.

Bluesil SLT 3S

Bluesil SLT 3S is a one-component, moisture-cured silicone sealant that cures at room temperature to form a flexible, medium modulus watertight joint for general sanitary sealing. It finds application as a sanitary sealant in hot and humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms where resistance to fungal growth is necessary. It provides primerless adhesion in glass, ceramics, vitreous surfaces, and anodized aluminum.


CHROMA-CHEM DH colorants are specifically designed for tinting a wide range of acrylic, epoxy, urethane and vinyl systems. CHROMA-CHEM DH colorants are based on a phthalate-free plasticizer selected to have similar performance characteristics as typical phthalate containing plasticizer colorants.


CRYSTAZENE 110 is a water-white, highly stabilized, terpene-modified tackifying resin. It shows excellent adhesive performances. This product is recommended for metallocene polyethylene based hot melt-synthetic rubber adhesives, acrylic based adhesives, and for plastic film modification.

Car botac 1814

Car botac 1814 gives high cohesive strength for applications needing oil and plasticizer resistance, carpet and tile adhesive.

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Covinax 081-00

Covinax 081-00 is a pressure sensitive, vinyl acrylic copolymer stabilized with a cellulosic colloid. The performance of this pressure sensitive emulsion is characterized by moderate peel adhesion, high shear resistance and good quick tack. It is thixotropic and has excellent mechanical stability. It exhibits excellent adhesion to Mylar and cellophane.

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