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Covinax 169-00

Covinax 169-00 is a polyvinyl alcohol stabilized vinyl acrylic copolymer emulsion developed for a variety of permanent pressure sensitive applications requiring very aggressive tack. It exhibits outstanding adhesion to most synthetic films, including treated and untreated polyethylene and polypropylene, tyvek and cryovac. It performs well in low temperatures and is widely used in packaging applications both formulated and as a straight polymer. It can be formulated into a wash-away adhesive by the addition of a nonionic surfactant. The polyvinyl alcohol colloid allows easy cleanup and imparts excellent machining. It can be applied with a knife, rod, roller coater or extruded in beads for various packaging applications.

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Covinax 210-15

Covinax 210-15 is a surfactant stabilized acrylic copolymer emulsion developed for ultra-removable pressure sensitive adhesive applications. It will perform well as a removable tape or label from most surfaces, including paper, glass, metal and plastics, exhibiting smooth non-tearing adhesion and maintains very constant peel adhesion even after extended aging. It was designed to be coatable on most slot die, rod or roller coaters. This product will wet out most release liners, but for best anchorage, direct coating to the face stock is recommended.

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Covinax 258-00

Covinax 258-00 is a surfactant stabilized acrylic copolymer developed for use as a freezer grade pressure sensitive adhesive. It has extremely low glass transition temperature, allowing it to adhere to frozen surfaces; and its aggressive tack permits application through thin layers of moisture or frost. It can also be blended with other polymers to impart low temperature properties to those polymers or to develop products which are all temperature grades.

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EUCOLASTIC 1NS is a single-component, non-sag, low-modulus, moisture-cure, polyurethane hybrid joint sealant formulated with a unique silane-terminated polyurethane polymer, that provides unequaled performance against stand-alone polyurethane sealants. It is an extremely durable sealant in dynamic joints, offering persistent adhesion once fully cured. Its application include concrete control & expansion joints, window & door perimeters, masonry etc.

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EUCOLASTIC 2SL is a multi-component, chemically-cured, semi-self-leveling polyurethane joint sealant formulated to provide superior wear resistance against rubber tires and pedestrians in high traffic areas. It is an extremely durable sealant in dynamic joints, offering persistent adhesion once fully cured. It can be used in concrete control & expansion joints, truck terminals, sidewalks etc.

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Emulsion SE-50

Emulsion SE-50 is a good compatibility with emulsion and used as an adhesive for carpet.

Enerdyne UV-22

Enerdyne 22 is a UV curable pressure sensitive adhesive.It has been formulated to cure into a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive film when exposed to ultra violet light.It is a solvent-free product, which exhibits excellent adhesion to paper, film and foil substrates.

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Enerdyne UV-25

Enerdyne UV-25 is formulated as an energy curable adhesive for lamination of polyester film to white paper or paperboard.

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Enerdyne UV-64

Enerdyne uv-64 has been developed as a laminating adhesive for the manufacturing of laminating films to the exterior of folding cartons.It has excellent adhesion to polypropylene and polyethylene for film to paper and film to board laminations.

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Enerdyne UV-74

Enerdyne UV-74 is an solvent free adhesive has excellent adhesion to polypropylene and polyethylene for film to paper and film to board laminations. Enerdyne UV-74 offers the converter fast cure and strong bonds between film to paper and film to board laminations and will cure extremely well using medium pressure mercury lamps (H bulbs).

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