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Takelac A-525S

Takelac A-525S, is a polyester polyol. It is bis-phenol A and organotin compound free.It is used in conjunction with the co-reactant.

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Takelac A-670A

Takelac A-670A is a polyester polyol.It is bis-phenol A and organotin compound free.It is used with the hardener TAKENATE A-670B, to be used in food packaging for dry food, boiled pouch,standing pouch, aluminum retort packaging applications.

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Tamanori G-305

Tamanori G-305 is a good remoistness and is used as adhesive for gummed tapes.

Texaphor 963 S

Texasphor 963 S is a anti-floating agent .For non-aqueous coatings it is based on electroneutral salt of a polycarbonic acid with amine derivatives, in combination with a paint-compatible silicone.

Uniseal 200/90

Uniseal 200/90 is a pitch free high performance two part elastomeric sealant specifically developed for sealing contraction and expansion joints in concrete paved areas, roads, bridge decks, airfield runways, taxiways, hardstandings, fuelling areas,garage forecourts and transport depots. It is capable of accommodating above average movement and severe climatic conditions.

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VINNAPAS B 100 is a food grade vinyl acetate homopolymer in solid form. It is transparent, colorless, tasteless and odorless.

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Versamine C 30

Versamine C 30 is a cycloaliphatic amine curing agent, for use in high solids coatings, self leveling flooring and castings.

Versamine C 31

Versamine C 31 is a extremely low viscosity, very light colored, moisture insensitive room temperature cycloaliphatic amine curing agent, for high solids coatings, self leveling flooring.

XtraFoam Black

XtraFoam Black is a very low expanding, one-component, multipurpose, polyurethane foam specially formulated for use in the RV, Transportation, HVAC and Automotive Industries. The product delivers a watertight, airtight insulation that blends in and seals around voids to block drafts, moisture and insects, all without distorting joints. It has excellent adhesion to a wide range of industrial substrates.

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YUG COL-NR-107 is ready to use type adhesive based on natural rubber and synthetic resin. All joints for foam to foam and any other surface like PU foam, rubber foam, wood, metal, footwear. YUG COL-NR-107 gives strong initial tackiness and develops much stronger bond to a large number of surfaces. It is easy to apply, faster in drying thereby saving application time and is very versatile in applications.

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