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Araldite GY 257

Araldite GY 257 is a low viscosity epoxy resin based on Bisphenol A modified with an aromatic glycidyl ether. This product is characterized by its processing properties, mechanical properties, surface penetration, and resistance to chemicals, water, and acid. It is used in the formulation of solvent-free coatings and structure adhesives.

Ardex-Flex 6001

Ardex-Flex 6001 is a rapid setting and hardening ,grey, cement-based, floor and wall tile adhesive ,which will allow grouting to commence after 11/2hours at 20°C and is specifically formulated to have enhanced properties of adhesion and flexibility ideal for fixing fully vitrified or porcelain tiles and other tiles with low porosity as well as glass and porcelain mosaics without the need of an admixture. It is suitable for fixing all types of ceramic tiles and mosaics in internal and external situations, including swimming pools.

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Ardex-Flex S 38

Ardex-Flex S 38 is a grey, specially formulated flexible floor tile bedding mortar for fixing all types of ceramic floor tiles, mosaics, porcelain, brick pavers, terrazzo and natural stone in internal and external situations, including swimming pools. ARDEX-FLEX S 38 has enhanced adhesion properties making it ideal for fixing fully vitrified tiles, porcelain and mosaics.

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BC Antifoam ED5

BC Antifoam ED5 contains 30% silicone and is designed to be diluted for storage and resale at levels of 5% and 10% silicone. These concentrations are the preferred levels for sales and use of antifoam

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Bayhydrol A 145

Bayhydrol A 145 is a water-reducible, hydrofunctional polyacrylic dispersion that is used in the formulation of aqueous two-pack clear topcoats for vehicle repair applications, heavy transport finishing and industrial coating. It can be used in combination with amino resins or blocked polyisocyanates for waterborne, one-component, industrial baking coatings. It has good pigment wetting properties and high shear stability. Bayhydrol A 145 combined with aliphatic polyisocyanates yields high-gloss topcoats which can be dried at room temperature or force-dried, e.g. at 80°C.The cured paint films are hard and flexible with good single-coat adhesion and good resistance to solvents and water.

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Bayhytherm 3146

Bayhytherm 3146 is a water-reducible, aliphatic, self-crosslinking stoving urethane resin used as binder for waterborne, one-component stoving polyurethane systems. It is used for the formulation of waterborne, one-component baking systems such as waterborne fillers or general purpose industrial coatings. Coating films based on Bayhytherm 3146 exhibit extraordinary impact strength, adhesion and overcoatability. It can also be used as an additive to conventional waterborne stoving systems to improve flexibility, impact strength and adhesion.

Bisomer CL Hema

Bisomer CL Hema are used in the production of long-term wear and disposable contact lenses, intra-ocular lenses and in diverse biomedical applications. It is also an ideal starting point in formulating biomedical hydrogels.

Bluesil SLT 10B

Bluesil SLT 10B is a one-component, odorless, ready-to-use, neutral silicone elastomer intended for the sealing and bonding joints. This off-white and PVC white paste does not require primer, and cures at room temperature in the presence of air moisture to give a flexible and strong seal with a low modulus of elasticity. It finds application in the construction and glazing industries, and is used in: traditional construction applications such as the expansion and stability joints; in light and heavy prefabrication such as curtain walls, metal coving, terrace and parapet walls and facade panel joints; in flooring joints such as concrete slabs, motorways, and airport runways; in caravan joints; in the bonding of decorative panels; in perimeter seals for aluminum, wooden, and PVC frames; in ventilation ducts, piping passages, guttering and downpipes; and in the bonding of materials subject to vibrations.

Bondline™ 6050

Bondline 6050 will partially cure and develop structural strength within 3 minutes @ 95°C, or within 4 hours @ room temperature.

Bondline™ 6460

Bondline 6460 is a premixed, degassed and frozen epoxy adhesive. It provides good bond strength to materials such as glass, ferrite, aluminum and steel.

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