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Dispercoll U 54

Dispercoll U 54 is an aqueous polyurethane dispersion. Dispercoll U 54 is an aqueous anionic dispersion of high molecular weight polyurethane. It is a raw material for the formulation of heat activated adhesives for uses in, for example, the furniture, automotive, footwear and construction industries. Because of its characteristic polymer structure, Dispercoll U 54 is particularly suitable for applications involving plasticized PVC substrates.

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Dow Corning 282

Dow Corning 282 adhesive is a dispersion of polydimethyl disiloxane gum and resin,high viscosity liquid, and provides good adhesion to 260°C (500F).

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DyCross 6432 BL

DyCross 6432 BL is a hybrid pressure sensitive adhesive emulsion. It has been formulated to provide the water-based adhesive coater with an aggressive, high tack product for numerous tape and industrial pressure sensitive mounting and assembly applications.DyCross 6432 BL exhibits exceptionally good resistance to hot sulfuric acid in controlled laboratory conditions.

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Ecosar 41-55 Kw

ECOSAR 41-55 is a natural and synthetic latex adhesive specifically suitable for the leather goods and belt factories.

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Enerdyne UV-170

Enerdyne 170 is a UV curable laminating adhesive formulated for the manufacturing of laminated labels using films to paper such as Polypropylene-to-Paper and Polyethylene to Paper.

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Ethylene Glycol

Ethylene glycol is an organic compound widely used as an automotive antifreeze and a precursor to polymers. It is toxic, and ingestion can result in death. It is used as plasticizers in adhesives, lacquers and enamels. It also used as coolant and heat transfer agent.

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FINETAC CT-3080 is an adhesive for protective films. It has a good balance between low-speed peel force and high-speed peel force and when used for protective films, it is capable of providing good workability.

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FINETAC CT-5030 is a low-temperature lamination-capable high-tackiness type adhesive.

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FINETAC CT-6010 is an acid-free adhesive for touchscreens. It is suited to laminating glass and plastics like polycarbonate.

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Flexiprene 1000

Flexiprene 1000 is one-part urethane sealant exceptionally smooth gunning and tools easily. It cures rapidly to a durable, flexible weatherproof seal. It adheres well to most common substrates such as masonry, concrete, glass and aluminum; it shows excellent adhesion to most types of plastic. It is not intended for structural applications.

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