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Epikerb is designed to enable the fixing of concrete kerbs directly onto concrete or asphalt allowing savings to be made by eliminating the need of a bedding channel or backing material. Epikerb is a pre-weighed three component system of solvent free epoxy resin and hardener which, when blended with the graded aggregates, forms a high strength mortar with outstanding adhesive properties.

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HL-5240 is used for door light gaskets, other demanding foam in-place gasket applications. It is used for hi-temperature applications and reduces creep and distortion in field applications.

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HM-1580 is a window corner key adhesive used in construction industry. It has proven high-strength performance.

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Modarez is an wetting agent substrates for systems in aqueous and solvent mediums, that improve the spreading and adhesion of paints and inks, on difficult surfaces such as plastics or certain metals.


PIB-969 is a high performing polyisobutylene inner sealant used in construction industry used for insulating glass, box spacer etc. The features are it is non-cure, it is softned by heat, it adheres well to glass, aluminum, cast zinc, galvanized steel and stainless steel and further it has low VOC.

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PSI-601 is a one-part, RTV silicone sealant that cures by atmospheric moisture to a durable, flexible rubber with excellent adhesion to most non-porous surfaces, including glass, metal, ceramic, porcelain, rubber and some plastics. PSI-601 may be factory or field applied to form a long-lasting seal resistant to the effects of rain, snow, ultraviolet radiation, ozone, sunlight and temperature extremes.

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PSI-613 is a one-part, RTV silicone adhesive/sealant that withstands extreme temperatures. When exposed to atmospheric moisture, it cures to a durable, resilient rubber with tenacious adhesion to most common substrates. It seal around pipes, valves, tanks and vats containing heated liquid.

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Resiset is a high performance, solvent free epoxide screed for application to concrete steps and risers where properties of high strength, abrasion and chemical resistance are required. It is suitable for applications within engineering, chemical plants, plating shops, laboratories, loading bays in breweries, dairies etc., and many other various locations.

Sar 315

Sar 315 is bi component, long open time neoprene adhesive for SBR rubber and microporosa assembly to natural uppers.

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