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HYDRAN APX-101H is used as primer for various films. It is resistant to chemical and heat.

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KAMICRYL K -117 is used for B.O.P.P. Tapes.

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KAMICRYL SK-400 is an acrylic emulsion for aqueous pigment printing.

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Millathane 5004

Millathane 5004 is a peroxide curable polyester millable urethane rubber. It has excellent processing characteristics and can be injection molded easily. In addition to excellent abrasion resistance, Millathane 5004 has the highest stress strain values of all peroxide cured polyurethanes. The cured stock has excellent tear strength, excellent low temperature flexibility and resistance to oxygen, ozone, fuels and oils.

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Naftotherm M 82

Naftotherm M 82 is a polysulphide, two-component, solvent-free secondary sealent used for the manufacture of insulating glass. The features are it has low moisture vapour transmission rate and good gas retention, it has very good adhesion to glass, aluminium, galvanized and stainless steel and further it has excellent processing properties.

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RHEOLATE CVS-11 is a unique additive to ease the formulation and development of paints that must meet modern high performance demands. RHEOLATE CVS-11 combines superior rheological properties with excellent colour properties and viscosity stability on colorant addition.


SOLUCOTE 23-299 is a breathable aliphatic waterborne polyurethane adhesive designed for laminating applications. It contains a heat reactive crosslinker. A secondary crosslinker such as epoxy or polyisocyanate may be added to improve adhesion and lower cure temperature.

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Sabacontact AAC

Sabacontact AAC is a brushable contact adhesive for bonding different materials themselves. It is particularly suitable for bonding flexible coating materials themselves and on rigid substrates and is ideal for bonding of flexible and rigid materials such as leather upholstery, foam, textile, steel etc.

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Sabacontact Tix

Sabacontact Tix are brushable adhesives based on synthetic and natural materials, such as SBS, CR and PU and contain organic solvent. Characteristic for these adhesives are the ease of use, universal availability and strong, lasting connections. It is mainly used for bonding within the residential and commercial projects and for applications within the insulation industry. This product is suitable for bonding flexible and rigid materials such as leather upholstery, foam, textile, steel etc.

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Solvent Naphtha

Solvent Naphtha is refined petroleum naphtha of restricted boiling range. It is used as an industrial solvent for cleaning, adhesives and paints. It is also used as a medium in oil paint manufacture and an ingredient in shoe polish.

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