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Solvent Naphtha

Solvent Naphtha is refined petroleum naphtha of restricted boiling range. It is used as an industrial solvent for cleaning, adhesives and paints. It is also used as a medium in oil paint manufacture and an ingredient in shoe polish.

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Synthebond 7701

Synthebond 7701 provides excellent blush resistance and a strong balance of peel and shear properties, to offer the adhesive performance and high-end clear look the market demands in a wide range of film applications.

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TUFF-BOND PU 50 is a solvent less, unfilled, single part, moisture curable fast cure, polyether polyols based adhesive. This is low viscosity and fast cure adhesive especially designed for bonding of various substrates such as chipboard, galvanized steel, GRP and other plastics, glass, wood, cork, polyurethane foam, polystyrene, mineral wool and many more.

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Tamanori Kn-141

Tamanori Kn-141 is a good water-proofness, and is used as an additive for corrugated paperboard adhesive.


VINNAPAS EP 724 has a very high cohesive strength (heat resistance) and tensile strength. It is more flexible than PVAc polymer while still maintaining good tensile strength and high creep resistance. Its dried film has a low-level of tack.

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Versamine EH 50

Versamine EH 50 is a tertiary amine accelerator and curing agent for epoxy coatings and adhesives as well as polyurethane foam systems.

XtraBond 9500SL

XtraBond 9500SL is a high performance, one component advanced polymer sealant that is self-leveling and permanently flexible. The product’s advanced chemistry delivers a fast-curing solution across a wide range of temperatures that is ideal for horizontal construction and industrial applications where self-leveling is critical to the finished product. The product can be painted in as little as two hours.

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XtraBond 9500TX

XtraBond 9500TX is a textured high performance, one component, permanently flexible advanced polymer sealant that’s easy to install. Its advanced chemistry makes it ideal for a wide range of construction and industrial applications. It cures quickly when exposed to atmospheric moisture across a wide range of temperatures, so it is easy to use. The product’s aggressive adhesion to common construction substrates and compatibility with rubberized flashing makes it a logical choice for construction professionals. Its textured appearance makes it easy to blend into the surrounding surfaces.

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XtraBond 9500UC

XtraBond 9500UC is a high performance, multi-purpose advanced polymer sealant that is completely clear. The product is engineered to deliver aggressive adhesion with the most common construction substrates across a wide range of temperatures. It contains no solvents and very low volatile organic compounds, so it is easy on the environment. It is the ideal choice for industrial applications where an aggressive, durable bond is required, yet the sealant needs to be undetectable.

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