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SYLVALITE RE 100S is a very light colour and stable pentaerythritol rosin ester with high softening point. It is having good adhesion balanced with high stability makes it ideal where flexibility and heat resistance are required.SYLVALITE RE 100S is compatible with elastomers and polymers used in the industry. SYLVALITE RE 100S is fully soluble in aromatics, esters and ketones, partially soluble in white spirit and insoluble in alcohols.

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Selleys All Clear

Selleys All Clear is a clear neutral cure (non-corrosive) co-polymer multipurpose sealant, that provides long lasting protection by forming a clear flexible film on top of a surface that won’t crack or dry out. It is the solution to water leakage and seepage around the home. It is a high grade water resistant sealant.

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Sodium Persulfate

Sodium persulfate is a chemical compound. It is a strong oxidizer. It is almost non-hygroscopic and has particularly good ability to be stored for long time. It is easy and safe to handle. It is not combustible, but releases oxygen easily and assists combustion of other materials. It is used as a bleach, both standalone and as a detergent component. It is a replacement for ammonium persulfate in etching mixtures for zinc and printed circuit boards, and is used for pickling of copper and some other metals. It is a source of free radicals, making it useful as a radical initiator for emulsion polymerization reactions and for accelerated curing of low formaldehyde adhesives. It is also used as a soil conditioner and in manufacture of dyestuffs, modification of starch, bleach activator, desizing agent for oxidative desizing, etc.

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Super Ester A -18

Super Ester A-18 is used as an pressure sensitive adhesive , hot-melt adhesives.

Super Ester E-720

Super Ester E-720 is a excellent adhesive strength acrylic emulsion reformulation. It is used as a tackifier for water based adhesive.

Super Ester E-730

Super Ester E-730 is a excellent adhesive strength acrylic emulsion reformulation and is used as a tackifier for water based adhesives.

Synthebond E 5020

Synthebond E 5020 is styrene acrylic designed for industrial and consumer floor polishes. It is designed to be formulated at high solids.

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THREEBOND TB1796B is an accelerator specially developed for cyanoacrylate adhesives. It reduces the setting time, enables porous surfaces such as wood, leather etc. to be bonded, and reduces whitening (blooming). It is a amine-based compound with light yellow/ transparent in appearance.

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TUFFBOND 300t RTV silicone sealant seals, fixes, fill gaps and has excellent adhesion to glass, aluminium, ceramics, rubber non oily wood, most plastics, metals and many more. This is flexible, waterproof, weather proof sealant which is durable in exterior and interior application and has excellent resistance to weathering, vibrations, moisture's, ozone, ultraviolet and many chemicals. It is a single component, ready to use acetoxy grade sealant with versatile applications which cures when exposed to moisture at room temperature.

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Texaphor 873 Conc

Texaphor 873 Conc is an additive for the manufacture of highly concentrated pigment pastes consisting mainly of inorganic pigments and organic media and used for the colouring of plastics, coatings, printing inks etc.

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