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tert-Butyl Acetate

tert-Butyl acetate is used as a solvent in the production of lacquers, enamels, inks, adhesives, thinners and industrial cleaners. It has recently gained EPA VOC exempt status.

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ARDEX X 7 G / X 7 W

ARDEX X 7 G is classified as C1 T (normal setting cementitious adhesive with reduced slip) and ARDEX X 7W is classified as C1 TE (normal setting cementitious adhesive with reduced slip and extended open time) in accordance with BS EN 12004.ARDEX X 7 is a specially formulated cement-based adhesive, available in grey or white, for fixing ceramic floor and wall tiles, mosaics, natural stone cladding materials, brick slips.ARDEX X 7 can also be used for bonding rigid foam insulating materials.ARDEX X 7 can be used with ARDEX E 90 mortar admix to provide improved adhesion with resilient and water-repellent properties when set and hardened.

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Acclaim Polyol 4200

Acclaim 4200 polyol is a 4,000-molecular-weight diol based on propylene oxide. It is prepared with Bayer’s proprietary IMPACT technology, using a patented organo-metallic propoxylation catalyst. is used in polyurethane and other applications, including cast elastomers, sealants, epoxy flexibilizers, defoamers, lubricants, crude oil de-emulsifiers, and plasticizers. As with any product, the use of Acclaim 4200 polyol in a given application must be tested (including but not limited to field testing) in advance by the user to determine suitability. Acclaim 4200 polyol is a complementary product to Acclaim 6300 polyol, an ultra-low monol triol with the same equivalent weight. Acclaim 4200 polyol is slightly hygroscopic and may absorb water.

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Aerospace Sure-Coat

Aerospace Sure-Coat is a waterborne coating system offering excellent flexibility and outstanding adhesion for a variety of interior and exterior applications. The features are it is excellent for leather, vinyl and plastic and provide great adhesion, flexibility and durability.

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Bayhydrol U XP 2755

Bayhydrol U XP 2755 is an solvent-free, aqueous hydroxyfunctional polyester-polyurethane dispersion. When combined with aliphatic polyisocyanates, it is well suited for the formulation of glossy and matte clear 2K polyurethane coatings, as well as pigmented coatings. This product provides coatings with very good film transparency, high wood warmth, fast drying, high hardness, and long pot life.

Bayhydur BL XP 2706

Bayhydur BL XP 2706 is a reactive, blocked aliphatic polyisocyanate used in combination with Bayhydrol polyols for the formulation of water-reducible, lightfast one-component polyurethane baking coatings and as an additive in waterborne baking systems to improve hardness, impact strength, chemical resistance and adhesion.

Bisomer Pemcure 12A

Bisomer pemcure 12A is a caprolactone modified version of Bisomer HEA. It is ideal in UV curable wear layers on PVC and parquet flooring and offers versatility in UV curable printing inks in food packaging applications.

Container Desiccant

TOPDRY desiccant bag is suitable for cargo transport and storage in wooden boxes or shipping container. TOPDRY desiccant bag are REACH, SGS, TUV, RoHS approval and specially suitable for long-term storage or container transport, as TOPDRY has over 300% high absorption capacity will absorb humidity in the air to against moisture damage happen. With TOPDRY desiccant, you can easily remove corrosion and all humidity damage. TOPDRY desiccant is food grade calcium chloride material and free of Dimethyl Fumarate (DMF).

Disponil SUS IC 875

Disponil SUS IC 875 is a wetting agent in aqueous coatings, printing inks and related systems, di-2-ethylhexyl sulphosuccinate, sodium salt.

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