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Selleys Glass Silicone

Selleys Glass Silicone is an acetic acid curing 100% silicone, which has excellent adhesion to glass and has been especially formulated for glazing and aquarium construction. The features are the superior silicone formulation forms a durable seal and which does not shrink when drying and further its UV and weather resistant remains flexible, not shrinking, crumbling, cracking or drying out.

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Tuff-Bond-Uni-Flow-440 is used in improving flow properties of all type compounds of rubber type. Tuff-Bond-Uni-Flow-440 sealants reduce mill sticking, internal mixers, rotors and calender bowls, reduces internal friction, improves mold release,gives better surface finish and reduces mixing time.

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petroleum Purified 99%

Heavy Aromatic Solvents

Heavy Aromatic Solvents Napthalene Depleted Series

Heavy Molecule Aromatic Solvent

Mixed Aromatics Solvents

Paraffinic Products





Acetyl Tributyl Citrate

Acetyl Tributyl Citrate is plasticizer of sustained-release pharmaceutical tablets,polyvinyl chloride for food packing medical products,latex adhesives. It is mainly used as an plasticizer.

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Chlorinated Polyolefins

Chlorinated Polyolefins are synthetic polymer,a chlorinated product of polyethylene or polypropylene.Chlorinated polyolefins are noted for their varied properties, which depend on the type, molecular weight, and structure of the initial polymer, as well as on the method of chlorine addition and the chlorine content.They are used as binders in paints and varnishes and as bases for various adhesives and coatings.

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Hydrogenated Castor Oil

Hydrogenated castor oil is used as an viscosity modifier & improvement in grease and oil resistance.

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Isostearyl Methacrylate

Isostearyl Methacrylate is a monofunctional monomer with a long chain hydrophobic backbone.It offers excellent flexibility, impact strength, low shrinkage, weatherability, and adhesion. Excellent for use in adhesives, and coatings.

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Solfre2 Honeycomb Clear

Solfre2 Honeycomb Clear is a unique transparent adhesive that is ideal for bonding glass, clear acrylic or polycarbonate sheets to a wide variety of metallic polymeric materials.

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Tetraethylene Pentamine

Tetraethylenepentamine is a mixture of four different pentamines and additional higher and lower molecular weight ethyleneamines.It is commonly used in the manufacture of lube oil and fuel additives, corrosion inhibitors, asphalt additives and epoxy curing agents.

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